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Tag: php

Why I can’t Pass values to the database using php

I have built an ISBN generator using PHP. However, Once ISBN Number is generated it’s not stored in the database. Here is the index.php Here is the isbn.php Here is the generate-isbn.php Why the values are not passing? Save the book to the database code in the generate-isbn.php. Values are generated but only one value is stored in the database.

I installed ionCube but it is not working yet

I have a Ubuntu server 22.04 and I have installed PHP 8.1.2 fpm, MySQL 8, and nginx After I installed WordPress and active a new theme (Harika) then I get this error: Then I installed the ionCube from the ionCube wizard and now it is installed on my server: But it is not working and when I browse my wordpress

How to Remove Tag Ignored Warning Message?

I released a package version to, through releases, with a version tag that didn’t like (suffix of -dev). I’ve corrected the version error and republished and the corrected version is now showing up on However, there is still a warning message (I’m assuming only seen by me, as the maintainer) that: Some tags were ignored because

I’m having a php error can someone provide some solutions

I am having an error in my PHP code and I need help. If anyone knows the solution to this issue, please help me. The error message I am seeing is [Fatal error: Uncaught BadMethodCallException: Method createtemplate is not defined. in C:xampphtdocsphpvendorphpofficephpwordsrcPhpWordPhpWord.php:148 Stack trace: #0 C:xampphtdocsphpindex1.php(10): PhpOfficePhpWordPhpWord->__call(‘createtemplate’, Array) #1 {main} thrown in C:xampphtdocsphpvendorphpofficephpwordsrcPhpWordPhpWord.php on line 148]. This is my code