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Sorting Dotted Numbers in JSON & PHP

In my project with PHP Inside the JSON is the data I keep. And each of these data has sequence numbers 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, …, 1.1.10. When I sorted, I noticed that 1.1.10 came after 1.1.1, whereas 1.1.9 wasn’t there yet. Because it sorts alphabetically. And I don’t know how to deal with it! Edit: Added sample JSON data.

Create Json array from mysql data

I need a bit of help, i have this code: which is returning and i need to return like this: Could someone helping me? I search everywhere but i don’t see how to adjust array to get needed structure Answer You’re adding an extra array layer with the []. Change the code to this:

Filter API response with PHP

Not sure what issue was with first pastebin code, here is another attempt. I am connecting to Vimeo Live API, in doing so the response is huge > 500kb in total – I have an example with only one object here -> there are over 20 it returns. I have a better idea of what Im doing in JS than

How to encode json array inside foreach loop using Php

I am working with Php and Rest Api, i am trying encode data (fetching from database) using foreach loop,but data is not displaying as expected,”result” is showing three time instead of one,Here is my current code Here is my current output But i want “result” should display one time and other data (image) display multiple times (using loop) Answer Actually,

php json parse access child values

I’m trying to filter and later access to the child data of a nested json file using PHP but for now i’m unable to do it. Json example: I’ve tried with this code: So $domain_id is an external value that I passed through the function. The idea is that if it matches one of the child’s values, then I can

Fetch data directly from php to flutter

I’m currently working on a Flutter project with php mysql as the backend. Is there anyway that I could possibly fetch data directly from php file? I’m so clueless. For example, how do I fetch $dept from php file below and display it in a widget or store the data in Flutter: Future _saveCheckIn() Thanks in advance. Answer You can

Response to json Payload in POST API not in Json Format

I have a Rest API that accepts a Json Payload, i format the Data and import this into the SQL Database. However when the payload is received the sender is waiting for a response. They do not want a Typical HTTP 200 OK, they want a formatted Json Response with the Price etc for the submission. Whenever i output the