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Create Json array from mysql data

I need a bit of help, i have this code: which is returning and i need to return like this: Could someone helping me? I search everywhere but i don’t see how to adjust array to get needed structure Answer You’re adding an extra array layer with the []. Change the code to this:

Issue with DocuSign sending Envelopes

I recently changed my DocuSign integration to use the JWT OAuth flow. To achieve this I have a few classes. OAuth Client Signature Client Service Then, in my constructors where I want to use it I’m doing Finally, I use it like so But I get an error that reads DocuSigneSignClientApiException: Error while requesting server, received a non successful HTTP

Filter API response with PHP

Not sure what issue was with first pastebin code, here is another attempt. I am connecting to Vimeo Live API, in doing so the response is huge > 500kb in total – I have an example with only one object here -> there are over 20 it returns. I have a better idea of what Im doing in JS than

the_field – ACF not working in ‘while’ loop

Main string of code (that doesn’t work): <span class=”price-in-kune”><?php the_field(‘tariff_price_kn’) ?> kn</span> The ways i tried to solve this problem: put insted of the_field(‘tariff_price_kn’) – echo(‘hi’) – the code worked add $post_id -> the_field(‘tariff_price_kn’, $post_id) $currencyKune = get_field(‘tariff_price_kn’); And then echo $currencyKune P.S 3) i don’t know exactly where should i put $currencyKune = get_field(‘tariff_price_kn’), so i put it before

Displaying php mysqli query result with one to many relationship

Current: Process Skill Process A Skill_1 Process A Skill_2 Process A Skill_3 Process B Skill_1 Process B Skill_2 Expected Result: Process Skill Process A Skill_1, Skill_2, Skill_3 Process B Skill_1, Skill_2 Sample SQL: Need help how to rearrange my one to many relationship table. Tried using array “$array= array($row[‘skill_req’]) ” but does not recognize the skill_req variable. Answer You’re looking

Copy folder tree-recursively with depth control

I want to copy a whole folders/files tree from one location to another, but for a particular depth I want to perform a transliteration of the destination folder from one language to another. So for /src/depth1/depth2/depth3/depth4/file I want to transliterate all depth3 folders to another language before copying them over to the destination path. So I found this little, robust

How to avoid SoapClient PHP to decode base64 response result?

Am using SoapClient (PHP) to retrieve data from a remote webservice. And I am able to communicate perfectly with this webservice. The request am sending is supposed to retrieve base64 encoded image data. It turned out that SoapClient automatically decode base64 response and the result looks like this: My question is how prevent this automatic decoding by SoapClient. My REST

Line up two tables

I have two following arrays: Now I want to take the common part of them, based on the date value, starting from the top and bottom, so the result should look like this: I have started with something like this: But it does not work, if there is a difference in the middle, how can I repair this? Answer Get

Is blacklist of opcache ignored when file_cache is enabled?

I am using php-fpm 7.4.3 on ubuntu 20.04. My blacklist of opcache doesn’t work at all. Scripts I visited are cached when file_cache is enabled. Here’s my configures. php.ini opcache_blacklist.txt test.php Some information from test.php There is a strange thing: everytime I refresh the test.php, blacklist_misses is increased by 1. If I disable file_cache (opcache.file_cache=) in php.ini, num_cached_scripts and num_cached_keys