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Session and cookie lost when clicking a link from Gmail! Very Bizzzare

Brief Summary When I click a link from gmail, the cookies and sessions are lost. But if I copy the link in gmail and paste it in a blank tab, the cookies are retained! Long Detail At, i set cookies and PHP session with following options: $myCookieSessionOptions = array( ‘lifetime’ => (time() + 60*60*24*363), ‘path’ => “/”, ‘domain’ =>

how to identify php imap client to gmail?

I want to identify my php imap client to gmail so user can check which imap is currently using the gmail. The details who is using the gmail inbox right now can be check by click on details gmail activity details when check email by thunderbird using imap connection. thunderbird identify itself like this thunderbird imap details but when I

Change Message-ID PHPMailer

Hello I am making a php based mailing application that will connect with a external smtp server and send emails. Now I have managed to match everything but the Message-ID’s @domain-name and Sender domain name are not matching… This is the result I am getting : Wrong Message ID Header and this is the result I should be getting (this

sendmail.exe opens on sending mail

I am actually new in using sendmail but I have read a lot about this, and only redirect me to use PHPmailer,swiftmailer etc… But it’s so complicated to understand without the knowledge of the basics. So I decided to try simple, and this is what I’ve got. I have configured my php.ini: And my sendmail.ini: and I have this PHP

Image links broken in Gmail because of google’s Image proxy

Image links in gmail are broken because of google’s Image proxy (news1,news2). I can’t load my site’s images in gmail. Actual image path is: But I get the same image path like this in gmail: Does anyone knows how to solve this issue? Answer Because your image wasn’t open to public. You need make sure the new Gmail