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Session and cookie lost when clicking a link from Gmail! Very Bizzzare

Brief Summary When I click a link from gmail, the cookies and sessions are lost. But if I copy the link in gmail and paste it in a blank tab, the cookies are retained! Long Detail At, i set cookies and PHP session with following options: $myCookieSessionOptions = array( ‘lifetime’ => (time() + 60*60*24*363), ‘path’ => “/”, ‘domain’ =>

PHP submitting a form is destroying my sessions

Hello I am trying to make a form in the page where I created a session so when I submit the form the sessions gets destroyed here is my code: PHP code to start the session : Answer Make sure you have session_start(); at the top of all the PHP scripts So, put the session_start(); at the top of the

Session-Handling doesn’t set properly on PHP

I’m working on php-Website for my School-Project which I have to get finished soon. Now I’m stuck with my Session-Handling. User signup & login works just fine. But this variable isset($_SESSION[“useruid”]) is always false and doesn’t let me access the homepage, even the alert in the header says, that I am successfully logged in. Here are the two parts, which

how to delete/destroy/unset a specific php session

I need to delete/destroy/unset a specific session pro.php echo $_SESSION[‘id’] on main page always gives me a value here – How do I destroy a specific session variable in PHP? unset($_SESSION[‘id’]) is accepted answer, but I tried so many times – doesn’t work Answer The unset method itself does the trick but until the page is refreshed it echo the

delete or clear session in symfony 4.4

I am saving the current user s data in a session, I am using Symfony 4.4 I am getting and setting the data to the session variable this way is there any way to clear and delete the session after logging out I tried and deleting the session one by using remove and nothing happened Answer i randomly came across