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PHP submitting a form is destroying my sessions

Hello I am trying to make a form in the page where I created a session so when I submit the form the sessions gets destroyed here is my code: PHP code to start the session : Answer Make sure you have session_start(); at the top of all the PHP scripts So, put the session_start(); at the top of the

Form doesn’t take me to action url when submitting

When I submit my form it doesn’t take me to the right url, it instead just stays on the same url and adds the params to it. Like this: /todo?message=themessage rather than what it should be as /todo/add In my /todo/add url, I have a php script that is assigned to that route, which just echos a string and nothing

Laravel 7 – Edit and update value of checkbox in form

I want to uncheck / check the checkbox for ‘active’ users based on the value set in the form. In MySQL database, I added an ‘active’ column of type ‘tinyint (1)’ in table ‘users’. I have a form to edit different values ​​of the users, like name, email, etc. When I submit the form, everything updates fine except the checkbox,

Radio buttons checked changing submit text

My site structure consists on an index.php which is styled by a css file. It then includes the following php code in a separate file: It appears on screen with no problems in the correct layout as my css style sheet. What I would like this to do is when I select the “Subscribe” radio button the submit button text