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PHP 8.1 $_FILES missing type property

I am upgrading my website from PHP 7.4 to 8.1 which is causing an unusual issue with $_FILES. I’m trying to upload a new file but nothing happens. This issue cannot be regarding the file size as I’m trying to upload .txt files containing a single word. Example of my code: When the from is posted the data within $_FILES

Sending null values to php from post js

I’m trying to send values obtained from datable to a php file but sends null and return empty values from php This is what’ive tried crud_unidades.php : Now I have no idea on how to assign that javascript variable to the php one to use the phpvariable to look up stuff in my database please help Answer This was the

How to submit a POST using tag?

I realize we need forms to submit a POST or perhaps with the help of a button. However, how do we do it using tags? Example code: I’m trying use PHP to read a text file for a number of variables (names of each picture that I’ve saved). From the text file, this PHP will then convert the variables into

post request allowed although denied

I started ajax post request to a php file like this: And I get a response, but this should not be possible, because my php file only allows GET instead of POST: Where is my fault? Answer The Access-Control-Allow-Methods header is used in the preflight response to give the client a hint at which methods are allowed. It does not

Losing session data after POST from third party website

I have a Laravel site that redirects to a payment provider (external third party website). When the user completes their payment, they are redirected back to my site via a POST request. The issue I’m having is that the user’s session is lost when they return to the confirmation page. I wondered if this was behaviour of PHP generally but

Why is my AJAX method sending form input to the URL?

Once a user submits their form, I want to use JQuery/AJAX to stop the page from redirecting/reloading. But what is happening, is the user data is refreshed and displayed in the URL – even though I am using the POST method! I have 2 forms on my landing.html page, but I’ll just give the coding for 1 of them: It

Can’t perform a PHP POST request on mysql database

I’m struggling into do my first API in php and I’m facing some problems with a simple POST request. I’ve searched almost everywhere for some alternatives to my code, but it seems to be ok. Can you guys check it for me the last time? Thank you! method: create.php: Answer ok, so I managed to resolve with this code in

Symfony Update data with a post request

I am currently trying to update a Person in a table. The Table looks the following: I want to be able to update the First-and Lastname and also the nin when I click on the Submit button. My twig file looks like this: And my controller is the following: Currently when I click update I just fill it what’s in