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Tag: jquery

update only single element while sharing same class

I have below jquery which shows an image preview from file input. The above code is working well, but the problem is it updates all img elements using the same class screenshot blade ANy suggestion to update only specific img element while using same class ? Answer Just update your readURL function like this: I solved it for you on

How to remove static array after uncheck checkbox in jquery

I have two checkboxes, and I want whenever I click on any checkbox then their values (static array) should be inserted into “final” array (empty array). If I uncheck that checkbox then its value (static array) should be remove from “final array”. Right now I am inserting/pushing “static” array into blank array (final array), but I want to know that

Create array dynamically for javascript

I am trying to show markers on google map. And it is working fine if I use static array for marker’s lat and long. But when I try to make dynamic using php array, then it is not working. Here is the code. I want following array in above code to be dynamic For that I am using following code

change page HTML after change dropdown

I have 2 pages and the main page. the total 3 pages. I want to access the first and second pages after changing the dropdown list. I try this code by Jquery in my HTML called main.html. I want to use the if statement. If select 1 load firstPage.html If select 2 load secondtPage.html Any Edition of this code. Answer

Convert to accordion

I’m new here. I’m trying to convert my <li> into an accordion in the mobile view. I actually have something similar to: And I have this on the footer.php But it shows me “Uncaught TypeError: oTab is undefined” So every time I click on the li it displays the related div description. Now I’d like to convert that into an

How to remove woocommerce spinner on pages?

I know you can disable the preloader/spinner on WooCommerce checkout page using the following CSS code: However, the WooCommerce preloader / spinner still appears on all other related pages for example the Shop and Single Product Page. I have read Woocommerce Uses jQuery BlockUI Plugin to make a blocking overlay with an animate spinner on some jQuery events and on