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i have a problem with search using php, mysql

I have 50M data in my database (mysql phpmyadmin), when I search inside this data using php it takes a lot of time, very slow How can i solve this problem? my code : and thanks I’ve already tried using limit and Like But nothing happened Answer There are three things I can suggest you that can improve the performance

How can I use 3 group by in one query statement sql? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 6 days ago. Improve this question This is my query.Group by query in one table and I wanna get three sum column in select statement This is my table This is

Laravel – query part of a integer and boolean value

In my database I have id column which can contain integer, string, integer + string value. like, check this image: As you can see on the id column I have something like this value: product id PPAETRABN018283 So, On the input box (my search form) – If I enter product I can get the result as there is product

How do I filter with dropdown list? PHP and SQL

We are trying to filter based on the tags or the dropdown menu, we are trying to create a blog website that has tags and those tags can be used to filter the posted content on the homepage Tags dropdown menu:. Here should be the content in the page: Here should be the content in the page: Answer Set tags

Cannot terminate or close a PDO connection MySQL

The page seems to continue loading indefinitely event when the script reaches the end. How can I terminate the connection after breaking out of the PHP loop? I have set the $pdo and $usearch variables to null and reviewed other questions. Answer I moved to MySQLi:

Update Multiple columns with no effect

I am developing an API’s, in my project we are using dynamic databases so for that one i am connecting databases by using mysqli it’s working fine i can able to do CRUD operations also on Database but if i try to update multiple columns at that time changes are not reflected in Database did i miss anything can anyone