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Tag: mysql

code event[] calendar in laravel 8 not working

I created a calendar with laravel 8 and PHP 8,it is running ok in php 7 but I have to upgrade to php 8 because of the demands of the times I have successfully saved data in the database but the data in mysql does not appear in the calendar, even though I have used event[], I have checked that

showing contents of a table using PHP in HTML

I have this code snippet: and both inside submit.php, however, while the feedback table inside judges database is not empty, I don’t see any of the rows shown in the HTML page only the column name shows up in the Response tab of Network tab in Firefox Inspect tool. What do you suggest to populate the existing database into the

Fetch data directly from php to flutter

I’m currently working on a Flutter project with php mysql as the backend. Is there anyway that I could possibly fetch data directly from php file? I’m so clueless. For example, how do I fetch $dept from php file below and display it in a widget or store the data in Flutter: Future _saveCheckIn() Thanks in advance. Answer You can

Laravel Query with Implode

i have an array with values So i want search these three items from tables using like query I tried where(‘primary_skill ‘, ‘like’, ‘%’ . implode(“‘ OR primary_skill LIKE ‘%”, $skill_name) .’%’) which is not working for me.Any help would be highly appreciated. Answer ->where(‘primary_skill ‘, ‘like’, ‘%’ . implode(“‘ OR primary_skill LIKE ‘%”, $skill_name) .’%’) Above line is incorrect

How to check if predefined selected column is null is laravel

I have this code : I want to check if correctTime is null then dont show this data. I have tried ->whereNotNull(‘correctTime’) it is giving error say column not found. Answer Since its a derived column you have to use having clause, the best thing of the raw query is that you can use multiple types of operators such as

Resolve name by ID in from 2 tables in PHP / SQL in Datatable

I am currently working on my first datatable which I managed to get to work and I am quite happy with it, however I am having some difficulties in resolving client names. Here is my current code: Tablefile.html: And here my datatable.php file: The table renders fine and works great, however client_id is obviously just outputting their related ID’s, e.g.