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Tag: docker-compose

How to solve Laravel cant connect with mysql through docker

Im trying to deploy my laravel app using docker. Then I created docker-compose.yml file and Dockerfile like below. docker-compose.yml Dockerfile And when I try docker-compose up, all the containers run with a any error. And also when I run docker-compose ps, it shows like this, But, when laravel application, tries to connect with mysql, it doesnt happens. And even I

From which Dockerfile should composer install be called from

I need to call composer install and unsure from which Dockerfile to call it from – Dockerfile-apache or Dockerfile-php-fpm? Should I install composer in Dockerfile-apache (and PHP CLI?) and run it from there? Running composer install from Dockerfile-php-fpm gives me this: Composer could not find a composer.json file in /var/www/html Docker-php-fpm Docker-apache: Edit #1 docker-compose.yml Edit #2 This docker-compose file

Bad hostname provided

Passport Version: ^10.1 Laravel Version: 8.77.1 PHP Version: 8.0.9 Database Driver & Version: mysql 8.0.27 I can not get access token. when I call it manual by curl it get this response. this host name is generate inside the docker container I’m test ip of docker container but it also not work Answer if you don’t use any prefix

Why nginx ignores root and location directives?

I’m running Nginx as a service in docker-compose, with a volume mounted at /app inside the container. I just copied the whole project structure from Linux to MacOS where it worked fine. Here is my docker-compose.yml: I have a simple configuration for a PHP app, but the root directive inside location seems to be ignored. I can’t understand why. This

Docker Cannot assign requested address

I think I’m pretty close (I hope) to having xdebug running in a docker container, aiming to connect via Visual Studio Code. I think that maybe I’m supposed to add a config to the /etc/hosts file in the container, directing an IP address to the url my files are being served over, but am not sure what that IP address

docker entrypoint sh file restarting

I am testing docker with my php project. Everything is ok in testing but if I add ENTRYPOINT, docker is restarting. Here is my docker compose file Dockerfile file I also print log for that docker image. I think my error is docker container is restarting after running file. When I google, some people use PHP artisan script

Symfony 5 Fast Track: Database access error

I’m trying to go through the aforementioned tutorial, but I get stuck on the stage between Step 7 and 9 – when the database goes into action. On local server I get and while on my deployment server everything seems to work good when reading the database: and entering the conference, when I enter a comment hits me

nginx return file not found with nginx-proxy and doesn’t load static files

I’m using nginx-proxy-automation to run my php application which is written using CodeIgniter 4 and the app structure is the following: the index.php file is available inside the public folder. The docker-compose.yml of php-application contains the following stuff: Inside the php-application/docker-compose.yml I have this: essentially I have three services: php-fpm: which mount the application files in the /var/www/html folder, and