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Tag: css

Custom CSS not loading on WordPress

I am building a custom WordPress theme and am having issue with linking to my CSS. Using <?php get_template_part( ‘template-parts/template-header’ ) ?> at the top of all of my templates (such as my homepage, which lives at template-parts/template-homepage, I am grabbing the header I have built. In the head of my header HTML I have <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”homepage.css”/>. To ensure

How to display html tag with css using esc_html?

I am editing the woocommerce orders.php template and ran into a problem. The template shows to user the orders he has placed. There are now several variables that I think need to be coded for security, such as $date_created or $view_order which contains the order link. So I’m trying to add esc_html to these and other variables but when I

How to remove unused tags on my WordPress site?

I have the following site: If i look at the source code via the browser, I can detect empty tags. Does anyone happen to know why they are generated and how I can remove them? I have searched all possible files and removed all code that could possibly cause this.Unfortunately I could not find a usable plugin either. Here