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How to display html tag with css using esc_html?

I am editing the woocommerce orders.php template and ran into a problem. The template shows to user the orders he has placed. There are now several variables that I think need to be coded for security, such as $date_created or $view_order which contains the order link. So I’m trying to add esc_html to these and other variables but when I

I cant save input a form to file txt

i have problem when i get value from input form. if only form not have tag it could be run well. and i used POST to get value in input form Answer Best practice will try run program on static / in program variable first and later use remaining code using POST and GET inputs hope following code will solve

Create blue box area to organize a form

my goal is to create something like this :enter image description here So an area where I can put a form for authentification or create an account. I already created a form in php which is linked to my database like this Is there something in boostrap or css or even js which can make me creat this blue area

I can’t execute SQL sentence twice

I can’t execute SQL twice somehow. In the case of below code, 1st SQL sentence【SELECT h.title,, h.introduction ~】works. And 2nd one【SELECT name ~】 doesn’t work. If I change 1st SQL sentence to comment out, 2nd SQL work correctly. Do you notice how to work both of SQL. As you can see, there are 3 SQL sentence in the code.

How to hide little dash on Header menu

I bought a PHP script from Codecanyon. The link to the script is ( A dash appears at the top while I’m on the header’s menu. I am trying to change it using text-decoration but it is not working. When I hover over the menu it shows a blue-colored dash on it. How do I remove it? I used it

How to style echoed text?

I am trying to style the user, time and content. they only appear once the user has entered a comment into the website and so I cannot use <p> tags with inline CSS. any suggestions? Answer 1- create a class in your css (i.e: myClass) 2- use echo like this: echo ‘User: <span class=”myClass”>’.$row[‘user’].'</span></br>’ ; Edited: html characters in php

JS event listner on int-only CSS class

I have the following problem: I have the following code in PHP: So the class of is: details-control-1, details-control-2 and so on But it doesn’t work. If I use words-only for the details-control class, it works fine. The goal is to create a table and trigger a JS action when a row is clicked. Thank you for your help. Answer

Dropdown Content Hidden Behind Navigation

I am designing the home page for a project and the dropdown content is both behind the below navigation menu (primary-nav) and hidden offscreen to the right. I had this working with a margin-right tag but somehow I broke the code between then and now. Also, the basic structure of my page is designed using flexbox so I’m not sure