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Tag: sql

Compare a csv row value with a previous value [PHP]

I want to create a csv file from a SQL query that will fetch the information from the database of my Prestashop site. The creation works well, however an essential need for the creation of my file takes me well the head. The purpose of my file is to save the orders of the customers of the day, each line

Why I can’t Pass values to the database using php

I have built an ISBN generator using PHP. However, Once ISBN Number is generated it’s not stored in the database. Here is the index.php Here is the isbn.php Here is the generate-isbn.php Why the values are not passing? Save the book to the database code in the generate-isbn.php. Values are generated but only one value is stored in the database.

Should you use prepared statments on LIMIT

One day I was googling to understand when a prepared statment should be used. As I searched online many claimed that you should use always prepared statments. Now the question I have is… does this also count for LIMIT? I mean it is possible (I tried) but is it really that rational? Same question on ORDER BY too. Answer When

how to simplify this complex query

This is an extract of one of my php functions. I’m struggling to get this optimized as is super slow, as I need to load all interview records, and then check if the current user is either assigned as user_id on the interview record, or if the user->id is in the interviews shared_user_ids which is json I’m also using PostgreSQL

Laravel Eloquent where statement returns no attributes

So from my previous post, I was advised to start using Eloquent models, which I did. My end goal, is to print out specific gifts, that belongs to that specific box. Migrations: gift_items: gift_campaigns: Pivot table: Controller: Error that I receive using this way: Seems like the updated version is trying to call the gift_campaigns table id, instead of the

Date range loop into bbdd

I want to make different tables from 2 variables: start date and end date. Example: input start= 05/07/2022 input end= 07/07/2022 so, when I submit the form I want this result: ddbb: id:01 05/07/2022 id:02 06/07/2022 id:03 07/07/2022 I tried this but I got the dates displace, like this: id:01 06/07/2022 id:02 07/07/2022 id:03 08/07/2022 This is the code: Answer

showing contents of a table using PHP in HTML

I have this code snippet: and both inside submit.php, however, while the feedback table inside judges database is not empty, I don’t see any of the rows shown in the HTML page only the column name shows up in the Response tab of Network tab in Firefox Inspect tool. What do you suggest to populate the existing database into the