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Compare a csv row value with a previous value [PHP]

I want to create a csv file from a SQL query that will fetch the information from the database of my Prestashop site. The creation works well, however an essential need for the creation of my file takes me well the head. The purpose of my file is to save the orders of the customers of the day, each line

PHP MYSQL $row[$variable]

I am trying to work around with dynamic table creation and data fetching. I am trying to get the data using following code : But, I am unable to get any data back. I checked printing the query and running it in php my admin and its working as I want. But I guess variable in array might not be

Return One Row from MySQL

Amateur question, but something I’ve been wondering about. What is the PHP for selecting one row from a MySQL query? AKA you’re picking something by unique ID (you know there’s only one row that matches your request) and want to get only that value. Do you still have to use a while loop and mysql_fetch_row? Answer Add limit 0,1 and