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Laravel fetch data by something else than id

So I’m a total newbie in laravel and I don’t know if it can be done but I saw that in the controller I can display data of a specific ‘id’ with this in my api.php: And this in my BookController.php : I’m using Angular for the front and I have a searchbar to search by ‘title’ of a book,

is `file_get_contents(“php://input”)` the only way to get post data from `fetch` and is it safe to use async- and hack-wise?

I’m trying to rewrite my JQuery $.post() code via native fetch() function. And it seems like the only way to do it with PHP server code is using file_get_contents(“php://input”). I do it like it is shown here and here: js code: myscript.php: There are two things which makes me worried: The project has more than one fetch call like this.

Get Count For A Set Of Fetched Field Values – MySQL / PHP

I have some data returned from a MySQL database that outputs the post details for a particular user. I’d like to output a count for the number of images (represented below by the $db_image_filename value). How do I get a count for the number of field values in a column? I thought I could use PHP’s count() function, but this

fetch send formdata and recieve it from php

Hello srry for bad english, i’m trying to insert some formdata to my sql database with fetch request, the row was added and the id counts +1, but theres no extra data added to the columns “nomtar”,”destar”,etc JS function on submit form: agregar.php FILE: Answer There’s no need to convert your form data to JSON. Fetch understands FormData directly. Change

fetch formdata response from php server

I understand that fetch() response lets you receive formData from a server. I searched for an example that implements this functionality but I didn’t find a single one. All examples talk about uploading (posting) formData from a client to a server, but not vice versa. This doesn’t explain the .formData() method of the response. So, could you please direct me