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Tag: http-headers

Sending Link Headers for Early Hints in PHP

Cloudflare has introduced Early Hints based on Link Header. I am a little bit confused about how I should send the link header in my PHP script. As I understand, I should send the Link Header for the links to preconnect I think we can send HTTP 103 Early Hint via PHP headers Is it enough? Answer No, you actually

PayPal IPN error: line folding of header fields is not supported

A PayPal IPN script that’s been running for years suddenly stopped working. PayPal is returning the following response: To summarize how PayPal IPN is supposed to work: PayPal POSTs to an endpoint on your system The endpoint must reply back to PayPal with the POST data it received PayPal responds back with VERIFIED In my case, PayPal cannot verify the

Retrieve data from CURL “-d” using PHP

This question is not about how to use CURL in PHP. But how to retrieve data that send using CURL with “-d” option. This command: curl -H ‘Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8’ -d ‘Hello, World!’ -X POST http://localhost:8080 will produce empty array in $_POST variable. Does anyone know? Thank you. Answer I think this is a header conflict. You trying to send

how to force space to %20 in http_build_query?

I am facing a problem, that the API endpoint expects one of parameters with %20 replacing one of the spaces. Example: If I write ‘scope’ => ‘api offline_access’ the space gets translated to + sign when passing it to http_build_query() function. If I keep it like it is above, the sign is “wrapped” with more signs I tried to find

How return http_code 401 with PHP

I’m using cUrl in the client side. On my webservice (ws.php), i’ve this simple code : When i call this ws.php page, i still have http_code = 200. Here is my cUrl code is client side : $code = 200 even i put the header code “401”. Answer try this on your ws.php: Let me know if this works or

How to pass custom header to RESTful call?

There are some web service APIs that I need to connect to for my website. Most of the APIs involve something like this: But one web service requires the API key to be set in a custom HTTP header. How do I make the request to this API url and pass the custom header at the same time? Answer You