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How can I use 3 group by in one query statement sql? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 6 days ago. Improve this question This is my query.Group by query in one table and I wanna get three sum column in select statement This is my table This is

How foreach loop work to sum value of same key in associative array

I have associative array.Operation of the below code is that it will sum all the array index’s value which key is similar, but i did not understand how it operated. i have problem in two portion of above code one is: if ( !isset($sums[$key]) ) { $sums[$key] = 0; } another is: $sums[$key] = ( $sums[$key] + $val ); In

How to sum php array that have same key but different sensitivity

I want to sum the value of keys that are the same but in diffrent case. Let’s say we have this array Answer Loop through the keys and values. Convert each key to uppercase. In a 2nd array, set the key/value to the sum of the current value in that array (or 0 if it doesn’t exist) plus the value

PHP submitting a form is destroying my sessions

Hello I am trying to make a form in the page where I created a session so when I submit the form the sessions gets destroyed here is my code: PHP code to start the session : Answer Make sure you have session_start(); at the top of all the PHP scripts So, put the session_start(); at the top of the

Can I pass wp permalinks to an svg file?

I’ve got an svg file for a hero image, and I want certain paths to be internal links. I’ve wrapped the paths in an anchor tag, and putting in static links works, but I’d like them to be dynamic so I can changed them in the wp admin. Is this possible? How can I send the permalink data to the

PHP: unserialize(): Error at offset 757 of 784 bytes

why does it return an “unserialize(): Error at offset 757 of 784 bytes” i was just adding permission to the serialized string in the database here is my string database: permission row Super Admin: Cashier: Manager: My_controller.php: as you can see there was an i:0;s:8:”viewFile”; in the cashier and the manager and in my web you cannot manipulate the super