sql, effecting different rows with different buttons

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i have a project looks like this. i want to view picture then want to write something about this picture. the “gönder” button should effect the right above picture. i want to add these to …

Laravel 8: How to style output at Models

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I want to check if the status of users is Active or not. So in order to do this, I’ve added this piece of code to my Model User.php: public function isActive() { if(($this->status) == 1)…

How to pass slashes in Elasticsearch query using PHP?

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Below mentioned elastic search query which is working fine if we hit it directly, { “query”: { “query_string”: { “query”: “”testtext/123″&…

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i am having issues when 2nd input (num2) is entered zero


Code 1 for checking input are numeric if ($_SERVER[“REQUEST_METHOD”] == “POST”): if(!preg_match(“/^[0-9]+$/”, $_POST[‘number1’])): $numerr1 = “Please …

How to get dynamic value from html tag with foreach and save it to jquery variable for momentObj

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Honestly i am not sure how to make a suitable title for this but basically i was trying to extract element from span tag with id=duration which comes dynamically from database with foreach, and use it …

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PHP – Show Array as HTML Table

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I have this code which pulls an array of IP and MAC addresses from my server. <?php $arpa = shell_exec('arp -a'); $arpa = stristr($arpa, 'Type'); $arpa = preg_replace("/s+/", " &…

How to name a policy for multimodel route in Laravel?

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I’m trying to write a policy for this route: Route::delete( ‘users/{user}/locations/{location}’, [UserLocationController::class, ‘destroy’], )->middleware(‘can:delete,user,location’); but …

How to auto update an acf field based on the condition?

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I have two custom post types with acf fields. Custom Post_A, which has 2 fields – title / submitted Custom Post_B, which has 2 fields – title / percent Both Post_A and B have the same title (which is …

How to get the complete state name from a WooCommerce order?

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I’m new to WordPress and WooCommerce plugins and such. I’m writing a plugin and I need to send some data to a SOAP API, the case is that the API only accepts the state full name but I’m only getting …

Laravel won’t send anymore mails after testing my job class on prouction using “QUEUE_DRIVER=sync” [closed]

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At first, it sends some emails then stopped without giving any errors, I tested tinker and it gives “null” without receiving anything!! this is my config MAIL_DRIVER=smtp MAIL_HOST=smtp….