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Check availability of appointment slot

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I am creating an area for a user where he can make an appointment. The available appointments are inside a table called: bigo_appuntamento This table has these 5 fields bigo_appto_id –> ID …

Getting properites of static class in static function?

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I just wanna get return class properties in not instantiated class use. There is no way to instance this class? Please tell me…! My example is below↓↓

WooCommerce: Set country by default in checkout page for unlogged users

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How to make the country default for regular (unregistered users). But if the buyer has a personal account and entered the country there, he would not be thrown into default in checkout? I have tried …

Laravel Media Storage Best Practice

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Sorry if duplicate but I couldn’t find much on web. I am working on website platform for streaming and education. The website needs to handle big files ( mostly videos) and thumbnails. The website is …

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Transform a average php code to OOP (set_get) [closed]

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I have this code I want to Transform to OOP (Set-Get) what the code do is to take some numbers and find the average. function average($array) { foreach ($array as $item) { $total += $…

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Loop trough and modify JSON response

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I am making API request to Google Sheets and I receive this response: Array ( [0] => Array ( [Title] => Hours [January] => 1 [February] => 2 …

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php returns errors when uploading and image to server

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I hope all is well. i am in the process of learning php and sql and i am trying to make a piece of code work where i can upload an image and itll save to a folder…i have found a piece of code that …

Failed to call XML Soap using PHP SoapClient

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I’m trying to call SOAP xml using PHP SoapClient. However, I got the error of org.springframework.jdbc.CannotGetJdbcConnectionException: Could not get JDBC connection; nested exception is org.apache….

How to write multiple expressions in PHP arrow functions

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How do you write PHP Arrow function with multiple line expressions? JavaScript One Line Example: const dob = (age) => 2021 – age; PHP One Line Equivalent: $dob = fn($age) => 2021 – $age; …

insert query mysql throws PDO::exec() expects exactly 1 parameter, 2 given

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I’ve pieced together some code I’ve gleaned from the internet: I’m trying to scan a directory to insert file names and index into MariaDB table. My last hurdle it seems is this PDO error: PDO::exec() …