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PHP classes in namespaces not found

I tried to load a utility class to my main class with a namespace but everytime I try to run it it seems to not be working as in not finding the class. The error I got is: The first array is for me to check what files is included using the get_included_file() function and I have loaded my autoload.php

Problems with php validations not working

I was tasked on making simple i-Prepaid Reload programming.So far, I have problem with validations not working on reload.php page. As if there were no validations set at all and it went to result.php after pressing Buy button. I couldn’t figure it out what’s the cause of this error. There should be some errors appear is I put alphabets or

Stripe PaymentIntents PHP, setting price

Basically, the problem im having is between php and javascript, where my php function is createPayment() I can’t put javascript variable so I can’t enter the amount ($) of the order I’m really stuck on what to do. Maybe a post event to the server to create payment via javascript but I don’t know how to do that Javascript: Server

Symfony, constraint for User

Good day! Just started learning Symfony on my own. I’m making a news portal. The administrator can download news from an Excel file. I am converting a file to an associative array. For example: Next, I want to send this array to the form and use ‘constraints’ to validate it. There are no problems with the fields ‘Title’, ‘Text’, ‘Image’.

Blank page issue for Laravel project in Subdomain

I am having a Blank Page issue for Laravel Project in a Sub-domain (cPanel). The root domain ( already has a Laravel application. So I was trying to upload another Laravel project in a Sub-domain ( Unfortunately, it was showing a White Screen with no error. Sub-domain details Subdomains: Document Root: /public_html/ecommerce Files of public and index.php is in

How to remove static array after uncheck checkbox in jquery

I have two checkboxes, and I want whenever I click on any checkbox then their values (static array) should be inserted into “final” array (empty array). If I uncheck that checkbox then its value (static array) should be remove from “final array”. Right now I am inserting/pushing “static” array into blank array (final array), but I want to know that

WordPress Loop Post Counter Never Changes

I want to style the first post differently so I am trying to use a simple counter that will add a class to the first post. First, on index.php I have this and then on content.php I have but $postcount is always 1 If I move $postCount = 0; and $postCount++; to content.php the value never changes either. I can

Google Api PHP Client Syntax Error on PHP 7

OS: macOS Big Sur PHP version: 7.4.1 Package name and version: google/apiclient: ^2.12.3 Whenever I switch the PHP version to 7.4.1 I get this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘static’ (T_STATIC) in /Users/webtechstreet4/Local Sites/fvtest/app/public/wp-content/plugins/form-vibes-pro/vendor/psr/cache/src/CacheItemInterface.php on line 75 The library works great on PHP 8 but gives the above error when switching to PHP 7. Screenshot Answer Actually, I sorted