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Tag: mysqli

My mysqli statement is not storing any data

As a part of my training, my team leader asked me to make a simple login in PHP, I have created a controller that receives the username and the password from a JavaScript file, and then triggers an SQL query using parameters, that’s where my first problem starts. I execute the statement but then I can’t manage to store the

How do I convert this mysqli array statment into a mysqli prepared statement?

How do I rewrite this mysqli statement into a prepared statement? I tried converting the code provided below into the prepared statement. But, only the first row of values get inserted not the rest. I am trying to integrate dynamic text fields into my form. So, user can easily add or remove input fields. Original code: action.php my try: Answer

Show only user from the same company

I want ask how it’s possible when an user Type=Chef logs into the website, in the Dashboard it only shows the user from his company Foreign key (fk_FirmaID). I don’t how process it to only show a specific company. Here is my code that I have for the moment. When an user is logging in I’m saving his user details

Check availability of appointment slot

I am creating an area for a user where he can make an appointment. The available appointments are inside a table called: bigo_appuntamento This table has these 5 fields bigo_appto_id –> ID …