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Tag: symfony

Symfony errors not returned through Airflow

So here is my problem: airflow, Since executes a Python file that calls a php script (Symfony) to perform a created command. The command itself works fine. The execution of the latter from Airflow also works very well (with the visual display of Airflow: runs success). When I cause an error in the symfony command (exit(1), throw,…), to see how

Symfony Entites vs CollectionType

I have the following problem with Symfony. I made 3 entities: Customer, Cart, and CartItem. And what I want, is to display all the Products that are inside Cart (These are inside Cart Item), and to be able to change quantity on ever single one with some kind of form. The best way is to use CollectionType, but I get

Symfony6 – add iput field after submitting form

i have an ChoiceType::class input field in my form with, now just as an example, two choices: ‘choices’ => [‘type1’ => ‘1’, ‘type2’ => ‘2’] now when the user select type2 i want to add an exta TextType::class inputfield to the form. But i dont want to show the input field before and i want it to be required if

Symfony 6 – How to access properties of object of specific ID

I have two entities – one is Product, second – Order. I’ve created controllers to navigate between page of ProductController that lists the whole ProductRepository to the page of OrderController, which should: take a Product ID to show its properties on the Order page (name and price) have a form with quantity and “customer’s” email to be added to the

Mercure issues with changing JWT secret key

im having problem with my Mercure App, Im running via docker-compose image of mercure: and in section with MERCURE_PUBLISHER_JWY_KEY and subscriber key im having it set by default to !ChangeMe! and it is working as it should. And my subscriber in Vue is working when sign part of JWT is !ChangeMe! eg: But I want to make it secure, so