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Symfony Entites vs CollectionType

I have the following problem with Symfony. I made 3 entities: Customer, Cart, and CartItem. And what I want, is to display all the Products that are inside Cart (These are inside Cart Item), and to be able to change quantity on ever single one with some kind of form. The best way is to use CollectionType, but I get

Symfony 5.4.9 Composer detected issues in your platform:

I am totally new to Symfony. After I installed Symfony on my local ddev machine, I get this error I tried to composer install –ignore-platform-reqs as well, and soon as I run it, I get this error message My php version is Compose.json Thanks for help Answer Edit these 2 things in your composer.json to solve your problem : And

In Symfony/Panther when scraping, waitfor function will throw exception if it timesout – i need it to continue if item is not found

I have a database of clinics, and an url to each clinic. All clinic pages are the same in terms of html/css, with different content to scrape. However, some clinics have no content on their page, and this causes trouble for me. I have: If .facility is not present, the waitFor() will throw exception because of timeout. I need to

Symfony, constraint for User

Good day! Just started learning Symfony on my own. I’m making a news portal. The administrator can download news from an Excel file. I am converting a file to an associative array. For example: Next, I want to send this array to the form and use ‘constraints’ to validate it. There are no problems with the fields ‘Title’, ‘Text’, ‘Image’.

delete or clear session in symfony 4.4

I am saving the current user s data in a session, I am using Symfony 4.4 I am getting and setting the data to the session variable this way is there any way to clear and delete the session after logging out I tried and deleting the session one by using remove and nothing happened Answer i randomly came across

Entity not visible in swagger UI api platform

I use Api Platform & Symfony (5.4) + php 7.2.5 I created an Entity by myself, I just added one file in /src/Entity and it’s not working. I refresh, I cleared cache, I adde @ApiResource… But the Entity is not visible in the doc page in API Platform. Have you an idea where the error is ? Thanks ! Here