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Tag: laravel

Issue with DocuSign sending Envelopes

I recently changed my DocuSign integration to use the JWT OAuth flow. To achieve this I have a few classes. OAuth Client Signature Client Service Then, in my constructors where I want to use it I’m doing Finally, I use it like so But I get an error that reads DocuSigneSignClientApiException: Error while requesting server, received a non successful HTTP

how to get month name from month-year (08-2022) string in php

how to get month name from month-year (08-2022) string in php i want to get this Aug-2022 (format) from my value 08-2022 I had tried date(‘m-Y’,strtotime(08-2022)) and date(’08-2022′)->format(‘m-Y’) but not working. Answer Just put a “01-” in front of your value to make it a valid date. try self: or with DateTime: Important NOTE: That ! in the format

Laravel migrate ends up in wrong database

I have the following settings in .env When I run Everything seems to be ok. But when I look at my target database “unwa”, it is empty. A die and dump revealed, that I was connected to another database “auction” that happens to be the first (alphabetically) database. I find all my tables in the “auction” database. How can I

How to change Eloquent Builder’s connection?

I have a Eloquent Builder and two database connections(mysql_server1, mysql_server2) as below: Now how can I change the connection of $builder? Any helps would be appreciated Answer Need to get the Query from Eloquent Builder and set a new connection to that and set the new query to the Eloquent Builder as below:

how to simplify this complex query

This is an extract of one of my php functions. I’m struggling to get this optimized as is super slow, as I need to load all interview records, and then check if the current user is either assigned as user_id on the interview record, or if the user->id is in the interviews shared_user_ids which is json I’m also using PostgreSQL

Error while adding Eloquent class to User in Laravel

I want to make an eloquent model out of two table, pekerjaan and user. User hasMany pekerjaan and pekerjaan belongsTo User. How do I add eloquent’s method to the User class in Laravel? I have an error that shows: Cannot declare class AppModelsUser, because the name is already in use Here is my User.php model code: And here is my

variable references & in Laravel

In the following code, I noticed &$list is passed by reference in the loop, however $user and $request are passed by variables. Passing $list directly to the loop won’t change $list outside the loop scope. Why is this? Answer Actually its the core PHP functionality rather than Laravel itself, basically when you are passing variables without reference, it actually clone