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Trying to get array from form post but not working correcty

I am building an application with php I have a form which contains an array of checkboxes as shown in the picture below I want to the values accordingly but it is not working as expected The form was generated with php for loop HTML I am trying to get the selected values but not working as expected. leaked_no shows

How do I filter with dropdown list? PHP and SQL

We are trying to filter based on the tags or the dropdown menu, we are trying to create a blog website that has tags and those tags can be used to filter the posted content on the homepage Tags dropdown menu:. Here should be the content in the page: Here should be the content in the page: Answer Set tags

Only first row button is working in a table

Problem: In the complete column, there is yes button after clicking on it, it show consulted but problem is only one row is working. I don’t understand how i defined each row uniquely. Please have a look at this code and let me know what mistake I’m doing here. Answer The issue is because you’re using id attributes in the

errors messages with html and php

i have this code bellow: it doesn’t show any error when the email is not correct or the password is less than 6, and inserts data normally, I need to show for example two error messages if both password and email are not correct, how can I do it? Answer Amend your code so that it will NOT execute the

PHP submitting a form is destroying my sessions

Hello I am trying to make a form in the page where I created a session so when I submit the form the sessions gets destroyed here is my code: PHP code to start the session : Answer Make sure you have session_start(); at the top of all the PHP scripts So, put the session_start(); at the top of the

How to copy HTML content into a new tab [closed]

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. This will help others answer the question. Closed 4 months ago. Improve this question I am building a web app and I need to copy an HTML

Retrieve Data from POST Method and Display in HTML H1 Tag

Greetings, I am developing a website using WordPress and elementor. I have a form with the POST method on page1 which is redirecting the user to page2. How do I receive that data on page2 and display it in the H1 tag on the same page? Answer Data submitted from a form with the method=’post’ attribute can be accessed using