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update only single element while sharing same class

I have below jquery which shows an image preview from file input. The above code is working well, but the problem is it updates all img elements using the same class screenshot blade ANy suggestion to update only specific img element while using same class ? Answer Just update your readURL function like this: I solved it for you on

PHP 8.1 $_FILES missing type property

I am upgrading my website from PHP 7.4 to 8.1 which is causing an unusual issue with $_FILES. I’m trying to upload a new file but nothing happens. This issue cannot be regarding the file size as I’m trying to upload .txt files containing a single word. Example of my code: When the from is posted the data within $_FILES

Problems with php validations not working

I was tasked on making simple i-Prepaid Reload programming.So far, I have problem with validations not working on reload.php page. As if there were no validations set at all and it went to result.php after pressing Buy button. I couldn’t figure it out what’s the cause of this error. There should be some errors appear is I put alphabets or

run php file with script tag

Is there any way to insert php code through <script>? Like `<script src=”example.php”>. I know that script is only for JS but I want PHP to generate JS that I can insert with script tag. Here I found a possible sollution: Generate JavaScript file with PHP when requested in HTML. PHP file: But I have an error Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected

Only draw closePath() line

So I’m trying to draw a polygon using the arc function. I know there are better ways to draw a polygon but I’m going to use this functionality to plot points within later on. I’ve got the shape drawn no problem, however, the arc path is visible so I was wondering if there is just a simple way to remove

How to style echoed text?

I am trying to style the user, time and content. they only appear once the user has entered a comment into the website and so I cannot use <p> tags with inline CSS. any suggestions? Answer 1- create a class in your css (i.e: myClass) 2- use echo like this: echo ‘User: <span class=”myClass”>’.$row[‘user’].'</span></br>’ ; Edited: html characters in php

dynamically passing href in anchor tag

i want to redirect user to registration based on there role. like there is two roles user and shop if user select user role then it will be directed to the ragic.php(registration customer) if selected shop then ragis.php Hear is the code… one problem is how i pass a javascript variable into anchor href. or i also try for php