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Tag: forms

Problems with php validations not working

I was tasked on making simple i-Prepaid Reload programming.So far, I have problem with validations not working on reload.php page. As if there were no validations set at all and it went to result.php after pressing Buy button. I couldn’t figure it out what’s the cause of this error. There should be some errors appear is I put alphabets or

javascript form not validating fields

I’m trying to validate a form via javascript onSubmit, then run the php captcha verfication and email send action. The problem is that every time I try to check the fields, I can see just one of them highlited with my CSS classes (seems to be related to the ‘return false;’ which blocks me). Anyone has a clue? Here’s my

Input from Model not included in form POST data

I have a simple HTML POST form with a model contained within like so: note: the JS fiddle is basic and just for demo and is not perfect. So when I submit the form and let the input inside the model has some text, my server script does not see ‘input2’ Does the data inside the model get sent

Form Processing php

I am new here so please point me in the right direction if I am misunderstanding how to submit a question here. 1. I am getting warning errors stating that I have “Undefined array keys”. I get this before and after the form has been submitted. I have defined the arrays at the top so I am unsure why they

Is it possible to use placeholders on ?

I’m currently working on at the displaying of information from a database. I was making a summary site where you can only see the important things of a table. After that i made the first element as an <input type=”submit”> in a <form>, so u can click it and come to the detail site. My problem is now: The value

mysql query dynamic update

RESOLVED I have a mysql table (table1) with many columns with a single ID. table name: table1 columns: from “pt1 to pt1000” id = 1 I have a query that updates the data in the columns, 10 data at a time I would need a unique and dynamic query that inserts the 10 values ​​in sequence at each submission. example: