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Trying to get array from form post but not working correcty

I am building an application with php I have a form which contains an array of checkboxes as shown in the picture below I want to the values accordingly but it is not working as expected The form was generated with php for loop HTML I am trying to get the selected values but not working as expected. leaked_no shows

WordPress: Content in foreach remains on page because it does not refresh on form submission | Reload array after form submission?

I have tried the javascript refresh options on submit (on the <form> but none of them work. If I put the javascript refresh with the submit function, then every time it refreshes, the item gets sent to the database (do not want that). What I have tried onsubmit=”location.reload()” onsubmit=”window.location.reload()” onsubmit=”setTimeout(function () { window.location.reload(); }, 10)” It currently renders an array

PHP submitting a form is destroying my sessions

Hello I am trying to make a form in the page where I created a session so when I submit the form the sessions gets destroyed here is my code: PHP code to start the session : Answer Make sure you have session_start(); at the top of all the PHP scripts So, put the session_start(); at the top of the

WordPress page title fxn in echo p

This is probably super simple but I just cant seem to figure it out. How can I pass the current Wordpress page title into this code? Below is a snippet from Formidable Forms WP plug-in which basically prints statistics from forms within my website. In this case, the # of entries for a specific form (55jqi) and a specific field(50)

Form doesn’t take me to action url when submitting

When I submit my form it doesn’t take me to the right url, it instead just stays on the same url and adds the params to it. Like this: /todo?message=themessage rather than what it should be as /todo/add In my /todo/add url, I have a php script that is assigned to that route, which just echos a string and nothing

Select Value Did Not Enter Database after clicking post button

After clicking button submit, only select option of “type” is posted in the database, but select option of “Supplier” did not posted and only shows “0” values in phpMyAdmin. Whenever I try to add a product, all the details are inputted to the database, but only “supplier” field is input with “0” Example of image is as below Example of