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Retrieve data from the name of a directory in my database

I use php and laravel. I have a column named MsgBody. In this column, there is an array as follows. I want to get the value of “conversationDesc” from this array. What should I do in the Controller and blade part for this? Answer It seems that your data are JSON. You can decode this using json_decode. You should be

php substr() and currency symbol strange output

This is a little bit rude code and I am having this output for this simple string formatting sample. $originalValue is equal for example to “$50.00”; $currency is setted correctly to “$”; $value should be “50.00” but this is the result of the above dd() is: b”£50.00″ ($originalValue is still the same even after the “mb_substr” operation) what I have

strpos(): Empty needle WordPress Plugin

I’ve just finished building my first plugin and have tested it with various plugins on my personal site with no errors. However some users are saying the plugin is causing the following errors for them: strpos(): Empty needle in /west/XXXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bot-block/bot-plugin.php on line 200 On line 200 I have this: Now I can’t see a problem with that line so I’ll