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Tag: laravel-8

Blank page issue for Laravel project in Subdomain

I am having a Blank Page issue for Laravel Project in a Sub-domain (cPanel). The root domain ( already has a Laravel application. So I was trying to upload another Laravel project in a Sub-domain ( Unfortunately, it was showing a White Screen with no error. Sub-domain details Subdomains: Document Root: /public_html/ecommerce Files of public and index.php is in

update one row of table in the future (Laravel)

the update method in Laravel (version 8) edit fields at the execution time, but I want to update fields at a specefic date for exemple : I have company table with pack field : when the customer pay another pack, the pack field would be edited after the end of the current pack. there is a solution for this ?

Failed Login with Tymon JWT Auth Laravel 8

When I try to get token with login function I get this error TypeError: Argument 1 passed to TymonJWTAuthJWTGuard::login() must be an instance of TymonJWTAuthContractsJWTSubject, instance of AppModelsUser given, called in …vendortymonjwt-authsrcJWTGuard.php on line 127 in file …vendortymonjwt-authsrcJWTGuard.php on line 140 Here my login function: Here my User model: How to solve my issue? Answer You must implement TymonJWTAuthContractsJWTSubject contract

multiple recipients email sent with htmlspecialchars() expects parameter error

I have a form, in which when I fill and submit, it’s sent email to multiple recipient, when I do that I get this error htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given (View: C:wamp64wwwstarresourcesviewsemailsemail_invite_template.blade.php below is my code: The Form SendEmail Controller Email Template (email_invite_template.php) Thanks Answer You can’t just pass forward $data on every iteration. You need

Laravel – Multisheet Excel

I tried to export my data in multi sheet Excel. But I face the error like SymfonyComponentErrorHandlerErrorFatalError Class AppExportsReportExport contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (MaatwebsiteExcelConcernsFromQuery::query) MaatwebsiteExcelSheet::formatColumn(): Argument #2 ($format) must be of type string, array given, called in C:xampphtdocshealthcarevendormaatwebsiteexcelsrcSheet.php on line 395 My controller coding is ReportExport ReportGeneralExport Using Providerid

Laravel 8 – Listen to eloquent events made during a specific request

Currently, I’m trying to wire a telemetry library (OpenTelemetry php lib) to the Laravel event model. The idea is to forward traces to a third party service. A single trace consistents of a request and all database calls that have been made during the request. I’ve created three middleware components: BeforeRequest: starts a trace OnRequest: call event listener which listened

Hiding redudant link in Laravel 8

I want to hide link And if I logged out and in web.php ,i hide route with middlewares (e.g authsanctum and verified): .. but the Route::has() is still ‘true’ What to use instead of route has for hiding links while logged out? Answer You can conditionally load HTML in blade based on login with the code below. The function Auth::check