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Tag: composer-php

How to Remove Tag Ignored Warning Message?

I released a package version to, through releases, with a version tag that didn’t like (suffix of -dev). I’ve corrected the version error and republished and the corrected version is now showing up on However, there is still a warning message (I’m assuming only seen by me, as the maintainer) that: Some tags were ignored because

Does Laravel 8 require PHP 8.1?

So.. I developed a project with Laravel 9, then I had to upload it to my client’s server by FTP ( which was slow and painful ) to find out only afterwards that my client’s server PHP version could not go over 8.0. I tried to open the project live link ( to where I uploaded ) and the composer

How to pull composer install inside docker container for Jfrog artifcatory

PHP package are install through Jfrog artifact URL using composer.json file. Need to get PHP package using composer install command inside docker container. This docker container manage by Jenkins pipeline. WHen I am doing locally it asked username and password on terminal Then it stored auth value under /home/vagrant/.composer/auth.json similar thing need to do in docker while deployment. what is

Why this Simple case of psr-4 not working with composer

I am trying to understand how psr-4 works using composer. These are the contents of my composer.json file The Folder Structure is given below (please note I am using windows 10, so directory name casing should not matter I think) The folder where I have created ‘vendor’ folder is inside D:tempcomposer_test Contents of test.php Contents of Tire.php But when I

What does the “key: value” syntax do in composer scripts

From compser documentation you can write scripts like so: But in Symfony I found a slightly different syntax that instead of a list is using a key:value pair like this: How does this syntax work exactly? Does it redirect commands to another one, adds a dependency between 2 commands or what? Answer This syntax is used by symfony/flex plugin and

problem lose class address when update composer 1 to 2

i have problem when install or update composer. When the composer is updated and generated, the autoload file for example autoload_classmap.php changes and no class or file is found. I do not know how to solve. Thanks for the help. composer.json file } and when update composer say: not found class App/ClearingHourTime class file is : Answer I think you

composer require s-ichikawa/laravel-sendgrid-driver failed in laravel 8.54

I downloaded the latest laravel framwork 8.54 and tried to install composer require s-ichikawa/laravel-sendgrid-driver, but it failed. is there any solution? Answer It looks like version 4 of s-ichikawa/laravel-sendgrid-driver requires version 9 of illuminate/mail, but Laravel 8.x uses version 8.x of illuminate/mail. Can you try to install version 3 of s-ichikawa/laravel-sendgrid-driver instead?