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How to visit an array indexed by indexed in php / Laravel?

I got an API response like [“”,””,””] I got this array in a request variable $request->optional_email I am trying to access data by a loop like below: But it doesn’t work. How can I solve it? Answer As the $request->optional_email is just a list you do not need to use the $key variable in the foreach. Instead you should just

what is nonce in the api client

I have a API client to make a PHP call. But as a matter of fact the documentation given with the API is very limited, so I don’t really know how to use it. This a part of the API code: I don’t know what is nonce and how does it works. Answer The NIST glossary defines a nonce as

Perfexcrm api return 419 status code, how solve it?

I use perfexcrm api in my web application. As its document I pass the URL in postman and also pass authentication token in headers of postman and company name in params in postman. I try to fetch all customers so I use api/customers as a URL and as a method I use POST for this. But as a output postman

How can I set an api token in php?

I am currently working on my website, so at the moment I have a website which I made with (no-code), and what I want to do is develop a CRM website with php , what I want to do is connect my database from my website to be able to use the data on my CRM website,

Fetch featured product only from product table in Api

Product Table where i want to fetch only featured product. I have defined a column in database product_type in which four types of products(hot deals, newly listed, deals of the day and featured product)strong text can be listed which is optional. Blockquote When i try to fetch whole product list in api i get the result but i want to

ResellersPanel API is giving me domain errors even after I put the “domain” type

I am using Resellers Panel API. I am trying to create a simple order form in PHP. I am following this documentation : I manage to go this far. It accepted all the inputs fine. until I got to the domains. it gives me these error. No type provided for domain h.h, must be register, transfer or existing or

Roblox API ( Avatar Equipment )

I am currently working on Roblox API. I am stuck on one question. Reason : I have this link This shows what specified users have equipped on them. this link right here shows this: {“assetIds”:[382537569,607702162,607785314]} My goal is to get the assetIds to string. I tried this: But it Shows Array. I need some help. Answer The cURL is