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Create domain ‘’ failed Powerdns API

I always getting the same error (Create domain ‘’ failed) (or any domain) when trying to create new DNS zone with Powerdns API call. My request: Similar api call to get a list of DNS zones is working. GET request work properly but not POST. Can anyone help, please? My pdns.conf file is: Maybe i have to change something in

Delete post from WordPress if is deleted from API [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 3 months ago. Improve this question Does anyone know how to delete post from Wordpress if not exist in API using PHP? I have script that import cars from API to


When I want to approve the payment, it gives me an error, so I don’t know what to do since the same example executed is the same as the api. Answer Receiving and transmitting card numbers through your own server poses a very high risk, has a high compliance burden, and it is very likely that you should not be

What should be my port number if I am using php database locally in my pc and using that api in flutter mobile application using physical mobile

I am currently fetching api from php database(Served locally in my pc) and sending get/post request from flutter mobile application using url = “” , here I used port number because I am using virtual emulator and it works fine. My question is what should be my port number if I am using physical mobile device to run flutter

How to call a PHP cURL function in a WordPress website

I have a need to call the REST API with GET request in my wordpress website. The requirement is whenever we search any product from the search form, the PHP curl function should give the response. The PHP function I have already implemented as below: I’m new to PHP and all this web development. I’m doing this stuff because I

Get link by id API/URL

I have this code I want to get link by id. Can anyone help? Answer More ore less what you need could be: This will output: Desired link =,1643770076.5266113827&t=1&s=2&p=1&c=BR&r=1351&lb=1 If you prefer, … I’ve also implemented a little class to do the same job:

cURL to get XML response from an API not working

When I try the url for API endpoint directly in browser, it works and returns XML data, but when I try with cURL, it returns 01 – Unavailable service error, so the issue must be with my cURL code. PHP: Direct URL that works and returns XML data: Answer Rather than trying to send the url parameters within the headers

PHP – Tunneling the API

I don’t know what this method called : Reverse Proxy , Tunneling, Bypassing ? Imagine, we have 3 website : 1. I bought the API or Payment Gateway service for , the website don’t have any content , forms, data. (Just to get the API) 2. Now, I want create tunnel between | | I mean,