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When I want to approve the payment, it gives me an error, so I don’t know what to do since the same example executed is the same as the api. Answer Receiving and transmitting card numbers through your own server poses a very high risk, has a high compliance burden, and it is very likely that you should not be

Partially refund the authorized order in Paypal

I am trying to make a partial refund in PayPal v2 SDK but each time the whole amount is captured. I am just capturing the different amount so in this way the rest amount should be dropped, but the full amount is captured no matter I am requesting the partial. Workflow is like this : 1) I am creating order,

Checkout-PHP-SDK and createOrder connection issue

Trying to implement the Checkout-PHP-SDK paypal API to createOrder JS call.As far as I understand I have to send the data from php file to js approval form. But I am getting an error when I press the “PayPal Pay” button. The JS codes are like below : The php file is like this : Should I create, and catch

Retrieving PayPal email address after payment?

When you are setting up a PayPal Buy Now Button, you can take customers to the URL when they finish checkout. Is there a way to retrieve their PayPal email immediately after PayPal checkout using $_GET? Does PayPal append some kind of ? at the end of your thankyou page? Or is there any variable I could add at the

PayPal IPN HTTP ERROR 400 – PHP – Using PayPal GIT Code

PayPal Sandbox testing continuously provides the following error: http 400 – Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. I am using the git provided sample code from PayPal and am unable to get around this error. Code [PayPalIPN.php] Code [PaypalListener.php] When using PayPals IPN Simulator, the following data gets posted to the PayPalIPN page:

How to make PayPalCheckout return value by post method?

I am using PayPalCheckoutSdk library following the examples, I have the following: I am receiving the data by get method print_r($_REQUEST);: And, that information is processed in the file return.php which has the following code: I would like to be able to receive the information but by post method, what configurations should I make so that the data is

PayPal: Verify webhook notifications in PHP

PayPal’s documentation is pretty bad, but they do have a PHP notification verification sample here which mentions: PHP Currently does not support certificate chain validation, that is necessary to validate webhook directly, from received data. To resolve that, we need to use alternative, which makes a call to PayPal’s verify-webhook-signature API. It also includes some files that aren’t within the

PayPal checkout buttons JS to PHP [closed]

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