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PHP PDO output to specific Json Format

I have been trying to get a query output formatted in a specific way but I am surely doing something wrong. Could anyone that knows what I am doing wrong give me a hand? Thanks a lot. I have the following db call: If I run this query in the db (mysql) I get this: When I make a call

Cannot terminate or close a PDO connection MySQL

The page seems to continue loading indefinitely event when the script reaches the end. How can I terminate the connection after breaking out of the PHP loop? I have set the $pdo and $usearch variables to null and reviewed other questions. Answer I moved to MySQLi:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[22007]: 1292 Incorrect datetime value on UTC ISO-8601

Hello I’m getting the following error PDOException: SQLSTATE[22007]: 1292 Incorrect datetime value ‘2022-03-07T18:08:12.000000Z’ for column ‘created_timestamp’ at row 1 in /[path]/[to]/[project]/vendor/laravel/framework.src.Illuminate/Database/Connection.php:496 That looks like a valid UTC ISO-8601 date format to me. And in the following code The var dump prints a carbon instance. The docs say: When a column is cast as a date, you may set the corresponding

Cannot connect to Sphinx with PHP and PDO

I seem to be having issues I do not understand… I have installed MySQL 8.0.27 I have installed Sphinx, created an index, filled it and all is OK through the terminal. Am able to query the Spinx index, without issues. So searchd and the indexer are doing their job. I have created a simple PHP interface to search through this

PDO : using bound parameters inside a function

I am using PDO to connect to MySQL, and I have an issue as follows : Given that code Then, I want to call a function foo($stmt,…), How can I use the array $params inside that function which would assign new values for each element of the $params array? Answer You will need to pass the $params array to the

Undefined class constant ‘PDO::FETCH_DEFAULT’

I’m using PHP FluentPDO, this query works in localhost, but not in webhosting. PHP version is 7.4, FluentPDO: “envms/fluentpdo”: “^2.2”: The error is: Undefined class constant ‘PDO::FETCH_DEFAULT’ Answer PHP version is 7.4 This PHP version is no longer supported. Please upgrade to an actively supported version if you can. PDO::FETCH_DEFAULT is available only since PHP 8.0.7, so if you are