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Tag: pdo

Questions about shifting from mysql to PDO

I have recently decided to switch all my current plain mysql queries performed with php mysql_query to PDO style queries to improve performance, portability and security. I just have some quick …

What are the differences between ADOdb and PDO in PHP?

Both seem to try making it simpler using a database in PHP. Both seem to provide an abstraction over different database types like MySQL, SQLite, etc. What are the differences between both ADOdb and PDO? Answer PDO is standard in PHP as of version 5.1. (It is also available with a PECL extension in PHP 5.0) Most hosting provides will

PDO looping through and printing fetchAll

I’m having trouble getting my data from fetchAll to print selectively. In normal mysql I do it this way: In PDO, I’m having trouble. I bound the params, then I’m saving the fetched data into $rs like above, with the purpose of looping through it the same way.. Now comes the trouble part. What do I do PDO-wise to get