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How to change Eloquent Builder’s connection?

I have a Eloquent Builder and two database connections(mysql_server1, mysql_server2) as below: Now how can I change the connection of $builder? Any helps would be appreciated Answer Need to get the Query from Eloquent Builder and set a new connection to that and set the new query to the Eloquent Builder as below:

how to simplify this complex query

This is an extract of one of my php functions. I’m struggling to get this optimized as is super slow, as I need to load all interview records, and then check if the current user is either assigned as user_id on the interview record, or if the user->id is in the interviews shared_user_ids which is json I’m also using PostgreSQL

Error while adding Eloquent class to User in Laravel

I want to make an eloquent model out of two table, pekerjaan and user. User hasMany pekerjaan and pekerjaan belongsTo User. How do I add eloquent’s method to the User class in Laravel? I have an error that shows: Cannot declare class AppModelsUser, because the name is already in use Here is my User.php model code: And here is my

variable references & in Laravel

In the following code, I noticed &$list is passed by reference in the loop, however $user and $request are passed by variables. Passing $list directly to the loop won’t change $list outside the loop scope. Why is this? Answer Actually its the core PHP functionality rather than Laravel itself, basically when you are passing variables without reference, it actually clone

Is there a better way to check for mandatory child in HasMany in Laravel?

I have a class AdBannerModel with an HasMany relationship to BannerLocalizedContentModel. When validating the model I call the method alterRulesForSaving where i want to check that the given AdBanner has at least the mandatory localizedContents. This is how I handle the check now, looking for suggestions. Answer you can check existence of relation with needed params

query inside with eloquent

image address has location and total number of users. this query will return all the users and on relation whose query did not match will be null .I want to pull only those users which do not null value on relation and order By accordingly. Answer You can use whereHas condition

How to apply Eloquent where() to child in hasMany() relationship

I want to get the results of this very simple, common SELECT statement: For the non-SQL fluent, this returns all of the columns for all parent and child rows where the child column named column contains the value 1. Using the Laravel models below, what’s the correct Eloquent way to do this? Answer You were close with your last attempt;