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Tag: laravel-9

Laravel 9 Array Filter

I have this array cart_items and works fine when mapped for database storage as in the code. I need to filter the array using Arr:where(), where the product shop_id is a specific value. I tried using an if function but the code just looped returing true where the shop_id was present. I need to filter the array where the product

laravel relationship not loading

I’ve got a Product and a Category models: In my controller, I’m retrieveing all products and wanted to return the category object the product belongs to in the response, so I’m doing: and my resource looks like: but the response I’m getting is: I tried loading the relationship differently: but the result is the same. It seems that the relationship

Does Laravel 8 require PHP 8.1?

So.. I developed a project with Laravel 9, then I had to upload it to my client’s server by FTP ( which was slow and painful ) to find out only afterwards that my client’s server PHP version could not go over 8.0. I tried to open the project live link ( to where I uploaded ) and the composer

Laravel 9 – Seeder | TypeError array_merge(): Argument #2 must be of type array, int given

I have two tables named Order and OrderItem. While creating data in the Order table, I am trying to enter data into the OrderItem table at the same time. The codes are as follows; OrderSeeder.php OrderFactory.php OrderItemFactory.php Answer When I updated the page like this, the problem was solved. OrderSeeder.php You can use it as a resource when you encounter

Deploy error with Laravel project on Shared Hosting (Uncaught RuntimeException: A facade root has not been set)

I’m deploying a laravel project into production enviroment on a shared host using FTP following this tutorial except the creation of the symbolic link beacuse I’m not using the local storage but ran into “Uncaught RuntimeException: A facade root has not been set” error. Aditional info: I tried with a new laravel project with the command composer create-project laravel/laravel project_name