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Tag: javascript

read/get @ value from url in PHP or Javascript

I’m currently developing a site in which a user can create a user area with a user directory created at registration such as Now I’ve seen YouTube & TikTok (and presumably more) use an url like (note the “@”) So my question is how do I read these? if a user visits how do I read the

AJAX POST request to a PHP server: Invalid request (Malformed HTTP request) on console and net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on chrome dev tools

I have the files test.html, test.js and test.php in my directory. I am trying to send some data to my backend, which should be dealt with by test.php. I run my server using PHP’s built-in webserver with the command php -S -t test-server/. Here’s a simplified demonstration, whenever I click “submit”, it should send the data to my php

Only first row button is working in a table

Problem: In the complete column, there is yes button after clicking on it, it show consulted but problem is only one row is working. I don’t understand how i defined each row uniquely. Please have a look at this code and let me know what mistake I’m doing here. Answer The issue is because you’re using id attributes in the