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Tag: javascript

How to pass the id of a client by a html button in javascript

here’s my problem: I’m making a client system in javascript and php. I would like to be able to delete the account of a customer who has a unique identifier (id=x) by clicking on a “Delete Customer” button. The problem is that to bring a little dynamism, I treat the request in javascript in this way: My request is as

code event[] calendar in laravel 8 not working

I created a calendar with laravel 8 and PHP 8,it is running ok in php 7 but I have to upgrade to php 8 because of the demands of the times I have successfully saved data in the database but the data in mysql does not appear in the calendar, even though I have used event[], I have checked that

form doesnt get submitted after disabling button after submit

Hello there i want my button disabled after the form submitted. Disabling the button works but it doesnt execute the php code. I tried different scrips that are posted on the internet but they all do the same: disabling the button without executing the php code. So when form is submitted it needs to echo “test” but it doesnt echo

Trying to make Yes/No javascript popup but is not working

hello i am trying to make popup Yes/No in js but is not working, this is my code: one version is this: This is working but if i press cancel still deletes the value so i tried making the but the url gets the value from php $value so i dont know how to pass it. The other method