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[HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP]: In which order code must be written?

While writing code in a file that would comprise of PHP, HTML, CSS & JavaScript, in what order each must appear? What are the best practices for separating the presentation and the logic? Sometimes external .js and other files are using in the link tag. Where these link tags must appear? Answer This doesn’t answer the question directly but the

How to call a JavaScript function from PHP?

How to call a JavaScript function from PHP? The following code is from xyz.html (on a button click) it calls a wait() in an external xyz.js. This wait() calls wait.php. and wait.php where loadxml() calls code from another PHP file the same way. The loadxml() is working fine otherwise, but it is not being called the way I want it.

Application access server load

I have developed an application in PHP + JavaScript. I’m using MySQL as database support. Every account for this app will come with a subdomain… so the client Stardust would have I want to put the application files in a folder outside public_html and link every account from every subdomain created to this files folder through a config file