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XML file with different elements

Hello i have this xml file and i need to get data from element <are:ICO> with php, i tried this, but that shows me error, because of that “are:” i think, it shows me this error “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected token “:” in C:xampphtdocsxmldata.php on line 4″ Answer Since you are dealing with xml and namespaces, you should parse

How to copy styles from generated file to target file

How to copy styles and numbering from generated file to target file Generated file image. In generated file bullet points are working fine when merge this to the target file getting issue Target file. The target file was copy of tempalte and a empty file. I assumed due to no numbering.xml it does not showing the bullets as bullets if

convert string to xml in PHP

When I use simplexml_load_file from a webservice, it returns But, I cannot parse it as XML to get the attributes. I need it to be formatted as such: and then this code works: I tried str_replace and decoding, without success. Answer The contents of the “string” element is an XML document itself – stored in an text node. You can

Laravel DOMDocument : failed to open stream: Permission denied

I’m trying to generate xml file in Laravel, I use DOMdocument but I got this error message when I try to save the file : Code in blade file : I know it’s something with permission but i’m not sure where to change the permission and for what. Thank you for help in advance. Answer Seems you need to provide

Remove Child does not contain attribute value

I am practicing with XML DOM PHP parsing. I have such XML file (shorter version): I created attribute with name “id” and value “2” for two Tag elements. Now I would like to: Get only Tag elements which did not contain attribute ‘id=”2″‘; Get only Tag elements which contain only ‘id=”2″‘. For first case I created such code. Don’t know

Error framework-extra-bundle Anotation “Unable to parse file […] The XML file is not valid.”

There is a recurring error in my Symfony projects since a few months. Every time a file at the root of the project is edited (even a space add in an a.txt file will reproduce the bug), I get this error. Unable to parse file “[RootPath]vendorsensioframework-extra-bundlesrcDependencyInjection/../Resources/configannotations.xml”: The XML file “[RootPath]vendorsensioframework-extra-bundlesrcDependencyInjection/../Resources/configannotations.xml” is not valid. The error is remove with the command

concatenate array values ‚Äčinto string?

I have this array, is stored in a variable called $ data : and i want to add to another variable to send to an API but when i echo $body the result its like this: how can I add the string to have an output like this: thanks to all Answer If you’re using XML, it’s better to learn