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Laravel DOMDocument : failed to open stream: Permission denied

I’m trying to generate xml file in Laravel, I use DOMdocument but I got this error message when I try to save the file : Code in blade file : I know it’s something with permission but i’m not sure where to change the permission and for what. Thank you for help in advance. Answer Seems you need to provide

How to convert XML to JSON in PHP

I want to convert som xml data into some pretty json data then output it into an api. The output is not the problem but it’s the formatting of the xml data. I’ve looked around, but haven’t gotten around making it as pretty as some of the online converters out there. this is the xml data structure: This converter can

Remove Child does not contain attribute value

I am practicing with XML DOM PHP parsing. I have such XML file (shorter version): I created attribute with name “id” and value “2” for two Tag elements. Now I would like to: Get only Tag elements which did not contain attribute ‘id=”2″‘; Get only Tag elements which contain only ‘id=”2″‘. For first case I created such code. Don’t know

Error framework-extra-bundle Anotation “Unable to parse file […] The XML file is not valid.”

There is a recurring error in my Symfony projects since a few months. Every time a file at the root of the project is edited (even a space add in an a.txt file will reproduce the bug), I get this error. Unable to parse file “[RootPath]vendorsensioframework-extra-bundlesrcDependencyInjection/../Resources/configannotations.xml”: The XML file “[RootPath]vendorsensioframework-extra-bundlesrcDependencyInjection/../Resources/configannotations.xml” is not valid. The error is remove with the command

concatenate array values ‚Äčinto string?

I have this array, is stored in a variable called $ data : and i want to add to another variable to send to an API but when i echo $body the result its like this: how can I add the string to have an output like this: thanks to all Answer If you’re using XML, it’s better to learn

PHP Split XML based on multiple nodes

I honestly tried to find a solution for php, but a lot of threads sound similar, but are not applicable for me or are for completely different languages. I want to split an xml file based on nodes. Ideally multiple nodes, but of course one is enough and could be applied multiple times. e.g. I want to split this by

How to parse xml data from this type of content ( from online URL)

I am trying to parse data from this url xml: and what I am trying to get is the [Property] information but I dont know what should be the next step to get [property] tag. What I have done so far is the code My code is: The output string is now as: So what should I do next

XML PHP Format Setup

Is there a why to do this? I’m new on create DomDocument. Thank you <!DOCTYPE Data SYSTEM “”> <Data payloadID = “123123123131231232323” timestamp = “2015-06-10T12:59:09-07:00”> Answer Here are two ways in DOM to create a new document in PHP. If you don’t need the DTD you can directly create an instance of the DOMDocument class. Output: For a document with

Convert xml string to json in php

I have the fokllowing xml string that i’d like to convert to a json string. Here is the xml in a variable: Then I’m using this regex to convert it but it returns blank. What am i missing? Answer You’ll find it a lot easier if you also process the outer SOAP document with SimpleXML, rather than trying to force