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AJAX POST request to a PHP server: Invalid request (Malformed HTTP request) on console and net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on chrome dev tools

I have the files test.html, test.js and test.php in my directory. I am trying to send some data to my backend, which should be dealt with by test.php. I run my server using PHP’s built-in webserver with the command php -S -t test-server/. Here’s a simplified demonstration, whenever I click “submit”, it should send the data to my php

How do I filter with dropdown list? PHP and SQL

We are trying to filter based on the tags or the dropdown menu, we are trying to create a blog website that has tags and those tags can be used to filter the posted content on the homepage Tags dropdown menu:. Here should be the content in the page: Here should be the content in the page: Answer Set tags

Passing 2 parameters in ajax url in Laravel route

I need help, my ajax request doesn’t work if i use 2 parameters in url but if i only use 1 parameter it works perfectly fine. There isn’t error in the first one but i think it does not reach to the controller because the output in response is undefined. this is my view this is my ajax request when

What could be wrong with this request in AJAX and PHP?

I’m trying to call a PHP page passing parameters with AJAX. I can see that the page is called, but the $_REQUEST doesn’t take any parameters. If anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it. Thanks! My AJAX is that: In the PHP Page, I have this. Always the answer is failure. Thank you! Answer 1- change your data format in

Content of ckeditor textarea is not sent through Ajax Jquery

I have a form with inputs and a textarea (ckeditor), after submitting the form with ajax all input fields value are sent to database table except CKEDITOR textarea and I can’t figure out why! I’ve tried some solutions in some questions here with same problem but with no vein! HTML PART JS PART Answer It’s not working because the value