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What could be wrong with this request in AJAX and PHP?

I’m trying to call a PHP page passing parameters with AJAX. I can see that the page is called, but the $_REQUEST doesn’t take any parameters. If anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it. Thanks! My AJAX is that: In the PHP Page, I have this. Always the answer is failure. Thank you! Answer 1- change your data format in

Content of ckeditor textarea is not sent through Ajax Jquery

I have a form with inputs and a textarea (ckeditor), after submitting the form with ajax all input fields value are sent to database table except CKEDITOR textarea and I can’t figure out why! I’ve tried some solutions in some questions here with same problem but with no vein! HTML PART JS PART Answer It’s not working because the value

Trying to add a select tag feature along with Jquery PHP search code

Here is the code I am using for a search function, it fetches the data from fetch_data.php and it works. But I would like to add an additional filter option to the search page. For example Country or City. I tried many methods, but none worked. this fetches data from fetch_data.html as $_POST[‘query’] I would also like to filter data

I am trying to use AJAX to change the orderby and order arguments in a WP_Query, but I can’t determine why my code won’t work [closed]

Closed. This question is not reproducible or was caused by typos. It is not currently accepting answers. This question was caused by a typo or a problem that can no longer be reproduced. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a way less likely to help future readers. Closed 5 months ago. Improve this question