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How to copy styles from generated file to target file

How to copy styles and numbering from generated file to target file Generated file image. In generated file bullet points are working fine when merge this to the target file getting issue Target file. The target file was copy of tempalte and a empty file. I assumed due to no numbering.xml it does not showing the bullets as bullets if

How to set visibility of table row in PHP Office Word TemplateProcessor

I would like to conditionally display table row in predefined Ms Office Word file. The solution I am using currently only allows to manage display of whole block and so on the whole tables according to different combination of displayed data. I find this solution obscure. This is why I need conditionally display table row. Current solution works with: $$nameofdesiredkey

PHPWord not saving file in /tmp directory

I am trying to run PHPWord’s basic example in here on my Mac. I am using XAMPP as app server. I only changed the require_once part and added sys_get_temp_dir() in front of the file name because of the “ZipArchive::close(): Failure to create temporary file: Permission denied” error as same as in this question. My index.php file is as follows: However