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Tag: loops

Organizing array Iteration generated from nested loops PHP

I have a loop that fetches data from an excel file using phpspreadsheet. data fetching has no problem, but what I want to do is organize the data to a multi-dimensional array then convert it to JSON so I can access it through javascript. here’s the code: when I run this code, it shows this text: Now I want to

How to encode json array inside foreach loop using Php

I am working with Php and Rest Api, i am trying encode data (fetching from database) using foreach loop,but data is not displaying as expected,”result” is showing three time instead of one,Here is my current code Here is my current output But i want “result” should display one time and other data (image) display multiple times (using loop) Answer Actually,

How can I print this data in a HTML table with this format?

Imagine that you have this SQL query result: And you want to print a table taking into account the ID_KEY, like this: How can I do that? I want to print a new row when ID_KEY changes. For example, now I have this code: This code won’t work because “value1”, “value2” and “value3”, are fields that do not exist in

get time intervals with time range

I am trying to get time interval with custom start and end time variables for which i have searched and find its relevant information on this link. I have tried the following code but its giving errorUncaught Error: Call to a member function date() on string Answer You need to use the builtin DateTime class and the DateInterval class as