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Tag: associative-array

Sorting an associative array with a string in PHP

I’m working on a php issue with an associative array and attempting to sort it. What I have looks something like this: I want to sort it so it looks like this: I’ve thought about exploding along the | and then taking the and comparing it to everything else. What I tried look like this: I realized though that

how to create associative array from NOAA data

I’m trying to convert this to an associative array with json_decode but I’m messing up somewhere. $noaaRaw looks like: How do I convert that to an associative array? Answer file returns an array of lines. You want to use file_get_contents to get a string to decode: It is also possible after that, that you may need to enable allow_url_fopen.

Join two associative arrays in PHP

I have two associative arrays, one is called $events and one is called $wikipedia. I want an efficient way to join “extract” and “thumbnail” from $wikipedia to $events where “name” in $events matches “title” in $wikipedia. Original $events $wikipedia Modified $events with data from $wikipedia What I’ve tried I could achieve this with a nested foreach loop. However this does

Compare array values and selecting specific one

I need a bit of help with the below concept. I have an array: I would like to loop through it and select the “first IN” and “last OUT” based on “dateTime”. So I should be getting: How is it possible to achieve this? Appreciate any help. Thanks, Answer The way I would approach this is to: Filter the RAW