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Tag: sql-update

How to check if all mysql results are equal

I’m facing a difficulty at the moment – I’m working on a real-estate website where the seller has some developments which have individual units within each development (a house with 4 apartments, for example). The development has a status column in the database which specifies if it is Available, Reserved or Sold whereas each unit also has the same columns

How to update a column by joining four tables in laravel

I have four tables default_products_product_mileage_gap default_products_mileage_gap default_products_products default_products_products_mileage_gaps I am trying to update a column number_of_products_sold to some value using laravel What I have tried is: Here number_of_products_sold is not updating. How to update the column Answer Why you want to add four table together. here is an example to add or update multiple table from by controller.

Php mysql query update of data gives syntax error

This is my php code to update products in database: It gives this error: Answer This code should work: But a better approach would be to use parameterized prepared statements as you are vulnerable now to SQL injections. Also refer to:

Update SQLite row only if a column is empty

I have the following: one and three should always be updated. However, how can I update two only if it is null/empty? I can do this in a separate command, though how can I achieve this in one prepared statement? I am using SQLite3 Answer Use a CASE expression for column two: Or with COALESCE():

How to update a database table data from an PHP array?

I need to update the information of a mysql table database from a php array. I’m looking for the best approach to do this, what I want to do is to update an existing database table with new information, this means that there could be new rows, the existing rows could have new values in their fields, or rows deleted.