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PHP Julian Date for JDE Oracle

i’m trying to convert a date like 2022-08-09 to a julian date for send it to JDE. The problem is that default php functions like juliantojd() return a different result. The result i expected was something like this I got this function from a very old code that is doing the job in .asp I’m trying to convert this

Why is cx_Oracle performing better than PHP OCI8?

I am trying to determine why a query that returns CLOB data runs so much faster using python3 and cx_Oracle in comparison to PHP 7.4 with OCI8. Oracle Client Libraries version is Queries are ran on the same client and against the same database using the same user. See below for the test PHP and Python scripts. The PHP

How do I update CLOB column on oracle with PHP

I have problem with function: After execute I get “Updated” but in database column is empty. Before execute i have null on this column. Answer Here are two ways. The schema is: And the code would be like: You may want to look at the second half of Oracle’s free PHP book The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual.

Understand and convert query to Oracle SQL

I am a little bit confusing and I am totally nOoB in PHP and I stuck in one query which made me problem. If I would like transform this to Oracle SQL Is is something like this Answer Check the following: It should produce an SQL query as follow, which will put the mark 2 if the student status equals

Will my query works without two dimension array in if else or not

I have confusion since I was looking inside and try to solve the problem. I have PHP application which is running in Oracle DB and so far some expression is written in MySQL and right now I want to migrate those query to Oracle SQL function and call function insted of writing query directly to model. The situation is following