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Tag: zend-framework

Parse data between %%

could you please tell me if the string between %% can be parsed so that instead of displaying e.g. %offerroomlistBox% , I can render another view that will display the data I need. I get the data from the database , their var_dump looks like this The only thing I use is ‘description’ I display the data on the ckeditor

Change Routing in Zend Framework for SEO

I am new to Zend framework and using framework 2.0 , And I want user Friendly URL for My Site. Right Now my URL for Contact us page is but I want like this. My Module name is Application and Controller name is IndexController (moduleApplicationsrcApplicationControllerIndexController.php) Here is my module.config file Answer You need to add a new Literal

Zend redirect to controller if action not exist

For example I have action But I made mistake and write, action lists not exist, how to redirect to controller/index if action not exist. To check before go to action I can use preDispatch(), but how to check do this action exist ? Answer Here is a function to check weither an action exists or not. It takes

Zend framework ‘Method “init” does not exist

When I submit POST I get Fatal error: I try to disable layout with: But also get same Fatal error. I get an error in this line : Where can be problem in my aplication ? Answer I think the error comes from the adapter you’re using. If you’re athenticating the user via a database table, I suggest you to

Message: cache_dir must be a directory

Hello people I have some problems with Zend Framework. I first got the following message: Message: Could not determine temp directory, please specify a cache_dir manually. I searched google and found this post: Zend Framework : Could not determine temp directory, please specify a cache_dir manually I read it and now when I fill in the form I get the

ZendFramework – How to add ->HeadScript() from Controllers?

I have a case where i need to add the Javascript from controller to the Layout where it has already HeadScript(); How to do that from controller? e.g: $this->view->HeadScript()->appendScript(); This is controller: Both does not apply. This is the view file: index.phtml If i uncomment in view it works but not in Controller. I want to apply this from controller