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Tag: parsing

Parse data between %%

could you please tell me if the string between %% can be parsed so that instead of displaying e.g. %offerroomlistBox% , I can render another view that will display the data I need. I get the data from the database , their var_dump looks like this The only thing I use is ‘description’ I display the data on the ckeditor

Parse CSV file into columns using PHP

I’m unsure as to how I would add columns to information I have within my CSV file. The three columns that I would like to have are Mobile Number, Carrier Name and Validity Status. index.php: My information currently displays as shown in the following code: I would like for the information to be columned as shown below (online example I

Parse JSON data inside from occurrence of script tag using SimpleHtmlDom – PHP

I am using simple html dom to parse a link that contains two script tags with type=application/ld+json. The target website structure is like below, // tag that I want to parse