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Tag: docker

How to refresh changes in swoole PHP

I created one folder with two files, one is index.php and one is Dockerfile and in terminal I run php index.php and it started on, but when I change hello world in something else, it doesn’t show new change on that link.. it stays hello world. I am trying to learn Swoole and I don’t know how to work

How to pull composer install inside docker container for Jfrog artifcatory

PHP package are install through Jfrog artifact URL using composer.json file. Need to get PHP package using composer install command inside docker container. This docker container manage by Jenkins pipeline. WHen I am doing locally it asked username and password on terminal Then it stored auth value under /home/vagrant/.composer/auth.json similar thing need to do in docker while deployment. what is

How to solve Laravel cant connect with mysql through docker

Im trying to deploy my laravel app using docker. Then I created docker-compose.yml file and Dockerfile like below. docker-compose.yml Dockerfile And when I try docker-compose up, all the containers run with a any error. And also when I run docker-compose ps, it shows like this, But, when laravel application, tries to connect with mysql, it doesnt happens. And even I

From which Dockerfile should composer install be called from

I need to call composer install and unsure from which Dockerfile to call it from – Dockerfile-apache or Dockerfile-php-fpm? Should I install composer in Dockerfile-apache (and PHP CLI?) and run it from there? Running composer install from Dockerfile-php-fpm gives me this: Composer could not find a composer.json file in /var/www/html Docker-php-fpm Docker-apache: Edit #1 docker-compose.yml Edit #2 This docker-compose file

How to enable output_buffering on wordpress official image

I’m taking my first steps with Docker, specifically with wordpress official image, which is just amazing to use. However, after installing (via docker-compose as below) and checking phpinfo() it appears that output_buffering = 0. I spent the weekend trying to find the best way to expose, or bind to php.ini to set it to on without success. Could I ask

reload `procmgr` in container?

So I have a docker container build with buildpack that runs the following command under PID 1 is it possible to reload the configs passed into procmgr somehow? Answer At the time of writing this, no. The procmgr cli that is used here is very basic. It loads the processes information listed in procs.yml, starts those processes, redirects all