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PayPal IPN HTTP ERROR 400 – PHP – Using PayPal GIT Code

PayPal Sandbox testing continuously provides the following error: http 400 – Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. I am using the git provided sample code from PayPal and am unable to get around this error. Code [PayPalIPN.php] Code [PaypalListener.php] When using PayPals IPN Simulator, the following data gets posted to the PayPalIPN page:

How to make PayPalCheckout return value by post method?

I am using PayPalCheckoutSdk library following the examples, I have the following: I am receiving the data by get method print_r($_REQUEST);: And, that information is processed in the file return.php which has the following code: I would like to be able to receive the information but by post method, what configurations should I make so that the data is

How do I set transaction as digital good PayPal PHP Example

Hello I’m using so my customers can upgrade their accounts directly through my website. My mistake was that the transactions were being made as physical goods, and now PayPal is requiring proof of fulfillment. If anyone knows how I would change that PHP example to be for Digital Goods, I would sincerely appreciate it. Answer In your request body,

How do I integrate PayPal Smart Button in Laravel 8?

I am trying to integrate PayPal Smart buttons in my Laravel 8 Website. These are the documentation I am using: Issue: I get two errors: This error underlines the fetch in my front-end. Here is my route file: Here is my PayPalController Method: Here is my front-end .blade.view file: I have edited the PayPalClient.php file with my

PHP verify Paypal webhook signature

I’m having trouble trying to verify paypal webhook signatures with PHP. Using the new V2 of paypals APIs I am receiving the paypal webhook on my page. However I can not seem to successfully validate the signature. From the link HERE I got some sample webhook validation PHP code from paypal. I can not get it working, I don’t know

Paypal Sandbox Access Token not Found in Cache

I am having a persisting issue with the Paypal access token for the sandbox environment where I continually get the error, I am not sure where to go as this is a new token that is being generated and used just prior to running the API call. Everything was working normal until this began giving me issues a couple of

Can I test paypal api’s from localhost

UPDATE 1: According to this tutorial on Using PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification with PHP, PayPal cannot access locally hosted websites unless certain router ports are opened. Is this because the website is about IPN or is this true for all PayPal APIs? ORIGINAL QUESTION: On my laptop, I have a LAMP environment setup, when I use the http://localhost to create