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Tag: dns

Create domain ‘’ failed Powerdns API

I always getting the same error (Create domain ‘’ failed) (or any domain) when trying to create new DNS zone with Powerdns API call. My request: Similar api call to get a list of DNS zones is working. GET request work properly but not POST. Can anyone help, please? My pdns.conf file is: Maybe i have to change something in

How to run Node.Js server from php

Hello I am trying to host my website on franceDNS which only has php support, so I would like to know how can I start my node.js server from php? If at all possible. If it is just better to change the hosting service then let me know to. Answer In theory, you could use shell_exec or similar to spawn

How do you access the public Spamhaus DBL service?

The Spamhaus DBL is intended to be used to find domains that have poor reputations of sending spam. According to their documentation you should be able to test that it is working by looking up the host or dig response for ‘’ and it should respond with ‘ IN A’. However this is what I get: The host results

PHP Laravel – Allow users to use a custom domain name

I’ve looked through pretty much every single page I could find on the topic, but I’m still bit confused. I have a PHP Laravel 4.0 web site, which is at When a user signs up, each user gets their own page I have set the above via wildcard sub domain on my VPS DNS manager (Linode). And in