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Tag: amazon-ec2

str_replace() is not working in aws server returning empty string but working on cpanel and locally

I am developing a laravel ride sharing applicaiton and for the settings data I used a config files. To change any value usign file file_get_contents after that with str_replace and file_put_contents for updating the value. here is some code example: But the $change_content doesn’t return any value in the AWS server NOTE: This is working in my local machine also

AWS CloudFront for PHP hosting

I’m new to AWS and am having some difficulties understanding CloudFront. I have started off with one EC2 instance with NGINX, MySQL, and some PHP files within the public folder to expose APIs to the world. Then I was told CloudFront could be used to protect the instance from malicious attacks. I figured CloudFront required an Elastic Load Balancer. So