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Tag: nginx

I installed ionCube but it is not working yet

I have a Ubuntu server 22.04 and I have installed PHP 8.1.2 fpm, MySQL 8, and nginx After I installed WordPress and active a new theme (Harika) then I get this error: Then I installed the ionCube from the ionCube wizard and now it is installed on my server: But it is not working and when I browse my wordpress

NginX: catch all file outside of root dir, with exceptions

I’m building a site running NginX / PHP and want all access to be processed by /private/routes.php. But I also want to add some exceptions to this for css/js-files and the odd php file in the public directory (and sub dirs). Folder / file structure: My current NginX config: The above config works but has some problems: I need to

Phpmyadmin menu items are not visible. What would be the reason?

I installed my Laravel application on digitalocean with LEMP stack. Afterwards, I followed the instructions for phpmyadmin installation, but when I log in to phpmyadmin, the menu elements disappear 2-3 seconds after the page is loaded and the panel does not work properly. I leave the sample image below. How can I resolve this issue? Answer The problem is due

How can I put multiple paths into the same domain in nginx?

I want to connect to /var/www/a/c and to /var/www/b. And I wrote nginx sites-available file like following: But I see 404 when I enter I tried using alias instead of root but I got the same result. How can I do? Answer It is because your location ~ .php$ { … } uses your global root /var/www/a;.

DVWA setup – PHP function allow_url_include: Disabled

I am setting up a DVWA on a Linux VM in Google Cloud. When I click Create/Reset Database, one line that appears to have issues is PHP function allow_url_include: Disabled. I’ve tried enabling it in the php.ini file inside the cloned dvwa repo, as well as /etc/php/7.3/fpm/ and /etc/php/7.3/cli/ directories but alas, even after running sudo service nginx restart and

nginx – cURL Error: getaddrinfo() thread failed to start

I’m running a WooCommerce shop and have a Laravel system that retrieves data from our ERP system. This part works just fine. The Laravel system compares differences in products and push out all changes to WooCommerce (product updates and so on). When I look at the log, many of these API request replies with: “cURL Error: getaddrinfo() thread failed to

NGINX/FastCGI config issues causing 404s

I’m currently trying to configure a Wordpress Multisite using NGINX. The NGINX config test passes: But I simply get a File Not Found. page when I load the site. From my config: And from my nginx error.log: My docroot is /var/www/html and the logs seem to show requests are being sent to the right place: Not really sure where to