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Tag: ubuntu

I installed ionCube but it is not working yet

I have a Ubuntu server 22.04 and I have installed PHP 8.1.2 fpm, MySQL 8, and nginx After I installed WordPress and active a new theme (Harika) then I get this error: Then I installed the ionCube from the ionCube wizard and now it is installed on my server: But it is not working and when I browse my wordpress

Unable to locate package php8.1-geoip

I am upgrading a system from PHP 7.4 to 8.1 using as base Ubuntu 22.10. In the old image, we are using php7.4-geoip, but this package doesn’t exist in PHP 8.1. Unable to locate package php8.1-geoip What is the procedure to migrate to a newer version? Answer This package isn’t available yet, however you can install via composer. Ensure GeoIP

Failed to start The PHP 8.0 FastCGI Process when update to php8.0

I am trying to update from php7.4 to php8.0 I applied the following steps But I got the error Knowing that there is no “php-fpm.conf” file in “/etc/php/8.0/fpm/” Answer By logs I see somehow You’ve lost config file: /etc/php/8.0/fpm/php-fpm.conf So I found one in my server and put to Gist. Need to put that on Your server. In terminal: if

Cant run pdflatex command (Tex Live) on Plesk

I got a problem with an API (PHP) I created. The API should create a pdf document depending on the data that is sent. The script works perfectly, running it directly on Ubuntu, Plesk is running on. The part that is not working is the following: The tex-file seems not to be touched… no log files or anything. Any ideas

I can’t upgrade nginx PHP version to latest on ubuntu 16

I have tried to upgrade the PHP version. but I just get errors. I tried this tutorial. but I get this error. How can I solve this problem? I have tried my tutorial. but just get same error like this. Answer As stated in the ppa description: Only Supported Versions of PHP ( for Supported Ubuntu Releases ( are provided.

nginx return 200 but empty reponse

I am currently migrating apache to nginx and I am struggling to get it working. Basically I get a 200 response with no content. My nginx configuration is as below: server { listen [::]:8749 …