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I installed ionCube but it is not working yet

I have a Ubuntu server 22.04 and I have installed PHP 8.1.2 fpm, MySQL 8, and nginx After I installed WordPress and active a new theme (Harika) then I get this error: Then I installed the ionCube from the ionCube wizard and now it is installed on my server: But it is not working and when I browse my wordpress

how to install ioncube loader?

I recieved this error: Site error: the file C:wampwwwhtmlnews.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_win_5.1.dll to be installed by the site administrator. Then I have obtained the proper file and pasted it in the HTML folder. Nothing has changed. What should I do? Answer You need to download DLL from ioncube site and set path into php.ini: