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Tag: caching

cache with dynamic pages

I am currently developing a WEB site on symfony 6 and during production testing I have a problem with the TWIG cache. Indeed, my site includes a page editing feature. So when rendering the first time, the page is rendered correctly. However, if the editor then modifies the page, and I return to the page is still the old version.

Larave Cache Facade – set vs put

I use Cache::set(…) facade-method for a simple key/value store. But all posts I visit seem to talk about Cache::put(…) method. What is the difference or advantage of one vs the other? Answer set method is same as put As you can see from – set method delegates all work to put method. set method is added only for compatibility

How to cache BLOB type in Laravel

Hi everyone, Is there a way to cache BLOB types temporarily in Laravel ? Scenario: I’m gonna cache some data MEDIUMBLOB with the size of 2048KB temporarily. These data are actually parts of a large single file 16MB. After caching all parts, they will be combined together into a single file, then will be removed from cache. The content of

How to remove cache files or images in Codeigniter 3.1.9

I have an image gallery where too many images are saved and displayed on a single page with update option with every image. When I upload a fresh image, it works fine. But when I change an image by uploading a new image file, it works fine on localhost (xampp) but not working on cpanel server and digital ocean server

Making a web page cache even if the parameters change

Is there a way to get a browser to cache a web page even if the parameters change? I have a web assembly app that takes parameters. If the parameters change, the browser forces a download. Is there any way I can set headers so that the parameters aren’t a factor in caching? i.e. if I do and …the browser

WordPress Homepage won’t show new blog post in visitors

I am facing a problem where new blog posts won’t show up on the homepage of the site. The website is running with the latest PHP and in WordPress powered by Plesk in a VPS server. Here’s what I’ve tried so far: Deactivate and even reinstall all plugins. Deactivate and even reinstall the theme (I also changed the theme with

Laravel RouteServiceProvider map function not called

I’m using the map function in the RouteServiceProvider to manipulate some routes before are being processed any further. When I run on my local machine everything runs fine but on the production server for some reason non of the map functions are being called. To make sure the bug was not for some reason in my own code I used

How to precompile php opcache using command line?

I’m trying to warm up opcache via opcache.file_cache feature using console command. My opcache.ini: before I start my php-fpm process I compile files by executing scrpt from clommand line: This script generates compiled files to specified (/tmp/.opcache) directory. Then I start php-fpm process, but no precompiled cache is not used and opcache compiles cache every time php-fpm process being restarted.